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ChurchRater - About Us

ChurchRater is the brainchild/baby of Jim Henderson and Matt Casper (co-authors of Jim & Casper Go to Church), Bay Area attorney Julian Zegelman, and Duke graduate student Tyler Mahoney. Here's a professionally written press release:

ChurchRater.com is a new website that allows church seekers and members to rate and discuss their experiences at churches all across the country.

ChurchRater "is a combination of things: it's 'Yelp' for churches where visitors can rate and discuss their experiences at church, but it's also a social network for church goers and seekers, too, a place where people can dialog about their faith and their lives," says Jim Henderson.

Henderson is one of the website's founders and the co-author of "Jim & Casper Go to Church," a Tyndale title that has sold more than 25,000 copies. Henderson, along with his co-author Matt Casper, will be heavily involved in the site.

"Casper and I are the site's keepers, really," says Henderson. "Although the site is about helping people find a church that fits, it's also about dialog and learning how to discuss faith in polite and constructive ways. Which is something that Casper and I have pretty much built our reputations on."

Moving from debate to dialog was a central theme in "Jim & Casper Go to Church," which detailed the church visits, church ratings, discussions, and friendship between Henderson, a former pastor and church planter, and Matt Casper, an atheist.

"It's been kind of a wild ride for me and Jim," says Casper. "We never expected the book to take off, but here it is a couple of years later and Jim and I have toured the country, spoken at dozens of churches and along the way discovered that we’ve become 'America's leading Church Raters!' And one thing we have learned is that talking about faith and church experiences is something people seem hungry to do, so we decided to kind of open the doors wide to our kind of dialog."

ChurchRater.com allows people to post ratings, comments and reviews on churches they visit. They will also be able to to connect with other church seekers, and "best of all, they can find a church that’s close to their heart, not just their house," says Casper.

ChurchRater.com utilizes the flexible ratings approach of Yelp and the social interactivity of Facebook. ChurchRater.com will also focus on the broad spectrum of American churches. "While our book catered primarily to the Evangelical community, we hope ChurchRater.com will have a broader appeal: Catholics, Epsicopalians, Methodists, Unitarians--all are welcome," says Henderson.

"We're even expanding to reach beyond Christianity with the upcoming launch of ShulRater, a site for the Jewish community." adds Casper. "When it comes to choosing a house of worship, people want information and guidance from their peers more than anything else. ChurchRater will make that possible for the first time on a national platform."