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Church growth has come to mean attracting church-goers from other congregations.

ChurchRater Consulting stands that idea on its head by offering churches the opportunity to learn how to attract Outsiders into the Christian community by interacting exclusively with Outsiders.

What might surprise you is that this measurement tool uncovers what your church is already doing right (instead of what you’re doing wrong.) We believe this approach will energize, enable and empower your congregation to capitalize on its strengths and help forge meaningful connections with Outsiders.

More and more research indicates a willingness on the part of Outsiders to participate in meaningful relationships with open minded believers who are willing recover the sacred tradition of honoring the Outsider and the lost art of discipling people before conversion.

Our Services:

•    The free ChurchRater survey. We provide you with free access to our survey; you do the rest.
•    The basic ChurchRater package. We do the recruiting, collate the reports, and provide our analysis.
•    Consultation with Jim and Casper. Jim Henderson and Matt Casper come to your church, meet with your staff, and conduct a live “Outsider Interview” for your staff or congregation.

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