Rating Response Guidelines

Simply put, there is one guideline: be considerate and respectful. ChurchRater is not a place for debate; it is a place for dialog. It is a place to discuss, not argue... to compliment, not condemn... to learn, not to shut out or shout down.
This  site is about the experience of your average visitor--and it doesn't have to be a first-time visitor, though those are our favorite.

Also--and this may seem strange--we ask that your comments be a minimum of 25 words (and not the same one over and over and over and over and over... like I just did there).

Why? Because, as mentioned, ChurchRater is a place for dialog, which means it's a place for a polite exchange of opinions and ideas. And a "review" such as "It was good" or "It was bad" simply doesn't make the cut.

We want you to share your experiences, tell us something that happened to you, tell others how you felt about it all. Think of it like a movie review: the reviewers don't merely say, "I liked the movie." They tell you a bit about why.

ChurchRater.com is not a place for church leaders and staffers to rate their own churches, either. We call these "churchvertisements." They're usually pretty obvious: 5 stars, the pastor is "truly a man of God," etc., and they read like a brochure. Not the place for it. Ask a visitor to rate your church, please.
On what is hopefully a more obvious note, anyone using profanity or attacking someone else or using ChurchRater for anything other than polite and respectful discussion about a church visit will be banned for life. From everything. Everywhere. Forever.
This is important--ChurchRater is NOT a place to air grievances of a personal nature. We know this is subjective, and we apologize for that. And we know that many people need a place to discuss and thereby heal the real hurt they're carrying... but we ask that you please understand this website is not that place.