Jim & Casper Went to Church... Now, They Come to YOU.

Want to give your congregation a real treat and take your church to a whole new level?

Want to better understand how to reach outsiders and grow your church in a major way?

Want the unvarnished truth about church from the perspective of a lifetime insider and a (possibly) doomed outsider?

Then spend some time with "America's spiritual odd couple," Jim Henderson (recovering pastor) and Matt Casper (cuddly atheist), authors of Jim & Casper Go to Church, the internationally best-selling Tyndale/Barna Books release that has helped hundreds of church leaders See The Light.

The authors will visit your church, discuss their experiences at America's biggest mega-churches--Saddleback, Lakewood, Mars Hill, and more--and smallest house churches. They'll spend time with your congregation, and host a Q&A session that may have some folks heading for the door, but will in the end have a lot more folks coming in through it.

This is a unique opportunity to hear about church from dual perspectives--insider and outsider--and learn how to make church and faith itself easier to understand and share with others.

Simply contact us and tell us why you would like Jim & Casper to visit your church, and we'll take it from there.