Get Your Church on ChurchRater: 2 Easy Steps

Getting a church listed and rated  on ChurchRater is easy. So easy, in fact, that it takes only two steps: 1) create an account, 2) submit rating.

BUT FIRST! The only way to "list" a church on ChurchRater is to RATE that church. And if you can have someone who attends submit the first rating, all the better.

Our visitors are more interested in honest feedback from attendees than they are in "my church is awesome" plugs by church leaders. So... ask folks in your congregation--email, text, Twitter, FB... heck, be old-fashioned: ask them in person! If they're interested, just have them follow these simple steps...


1. Go to and set up an account by clicking the “sign up” link in the top right. All you do is create and enter a username, and submit a valid email.

2. Then your password is emailed to you, and you go back to the site and enter your username and password (you can change your password, too, by clicking "Edit")

You now have an account with ChurchRater and can rate churches!


1. Click on rate/find a church in the top menu (a.k.a., "the nav bar").

2. Enter the name of your church, and click the blue "Search" button to see if it’s already in the database. It it is, it will appear and you can skip to step five. If it's not--i.e., no one has yet rated your wonderful church--then go to step 4.

3. If you can’t find your church, click rate a new church, enter all the church's relevant info--address, website, correct spelling of the name--and then add your rating.

4. If your church IS in our database, simply add to its page. You can reply to anyone else's rating (simply by clicking "Reply" under their rating) or you can create an all-new rating at the bottom of the page by clicking 1-5 stars and then filling in the "What you have to say" box.


We believe that the best ratings are those that talk about an individual's experience, which is why  we prefer attendees' ratings to those of pastors and other church leaders. Hit on what you like about the church, talk about what you think the church could work on, and tell a story about your experience. People relate to honest stories, not the hard sell.

People are using ChurchRater to find a church home all over the country. We’ve had stories of military moms making the tough transition every two years find a church her first try. We’ve had people show up at the church down the street from them, they never know about, all because of ChurchRater. The more time you spend on creating fair, balanced, and quality reviews the better chance you have of getting people connected.