World Harvest Church

4595 Gender Road
Canal Winchester
Senior Pastor: 
Rod Parsley
Stay Far, Far Away...

If you like mega-churches, then this church is for you.

If you like multiple requests for offerings because they didn't get enough from the last offering, then this church is for you.

If you like a pastor that is on an ego-trip, then this church might be for you.

If you like your church service to be a circus, then this church is for you.

If you like a church that tells you how to vote on your ballot, then this church might be a fit for you.

This church is a cult and I would stay far away from it. 



This IS a cult.

I have "lost" 2 friends that decided to go there. Both of them lost thier jobs and family because of the amount of money the gave Rod Parsley. (who by the way, lives in a huge mansion about a mile away from WHC)


What drew your friends to this church in the first place?

What did they tell you the found there that they didn't find somewhere else?

When you say you lost them does that mean they cut off connecting with you or visa versa?

Where do you go to church and why do you like it?


They dis-associated with me because I refused to join. They told me that thier souls have been cleaned and they are born again.

I belong to Gender Road Christian Church which is actually right down the street from the Evil Empire. Pastor Kerry Reed is a real down to earth man. The people in the congragation that I've met seem to be on a mission, to help those who are unable to help themselves.

Meanwhile, the mission of the WHC cult is to give until it hurts so that Rod can make his yacht payment.

I have seen him, Pastor Rod, on TV for decades. My church is Christ Church Nashville in Nashville, TN. My Senior Pastor, Pastor Dan Scott, is ok. I just wish he get the early church service over with in time for a full Sunday school class. 


we got the message about the Sunday School timing at your church but why are you posting that on this review?

What names do you think the people at WHC call your church?

Instead of hearing more about WHC why don't you tell us about your church

Why you like it

What people will find there

Whats missing