West Seattle Church of The Nazarene

Serving The Community

West Seattle Church of the Nazarene was a thing of beauty for me to see. The small, very limited church reminded me of being back home in my church. The church’s building is beautiful, but needs some renovation. However, due to the church’s mission, I don’t believe that will happen any time soon. The church is about serving the community, especially the homeless and down and out. I think this is a thing that modernity has, for the most part, overlooked. The basement of the church is used to provide shelter for the homeless. The main floor is the church’s sanctuary, where worship is experienced on Sunday mornings. The pastor was very up front about who he is and was (something I believe is a rarity). I appreciated this. It’s a reminder that no one is perfect, even a preacher. The pastor talked about how the church doesn’t have a drummer in the worship team to play on their very primitive drum set. The beauty about this is that the pastor didn’t really seem to mind. He knew that the Church is about more than singing songs with a drummer on Sundays. He recognizes that the church is there to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The church community was also very ethnically diverse. This is an awesome thing to experience, especially in a Nazarene church, which tends to be blue-haired and white.



Of all the churches I had the chance to visit while I was in Seattle for the weekend this was my favorite. I was unable to actually attend a service, but I had the chance to talk with the pastoral staff (all of whom are bi-vocational pastors) for a while. This is a staff that really cares about the people they are ministering to. A question was asked what we would see if we were there on a Sunday morning. The pastor told us that it would be hard to tell, they have a largely diverse group of people who gather on Sunday morning. There are several things about this small church that impress me. One their ability to just love the people of the community they are in. They are in a lower-class community, and money is not a strong asset of the church. Yet they are willing to do as much ministry as they are able. One of their ministries happens every other year. Every other year the church opens its doors to a men’s shelter. Every night people gather in the fellowship hall of this small church to live for the night. This is one of many community ministries that this church is involved in. Another aspect that impressed me is their unwillingness to just accept where they are, they are dreaming about growing their ministry out of their little church.