Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor

2275 Platt Rd
Ann Arbor
Senior Pastor: 
Ken Wilson
Vineyard Movement
We want to humbly bear the transforming presence of Jesus into the heart of the Ann Arbor area.

We have comtempory worship, 2 celebrations each Sunday, strong Children's and Youth programs, and very active outreaches to the Single Moms in the area, the Homeless, and to caring for the environment. The sermons are very thought provoking and inspiring. We are a diverse and friendly community who welcome all newcomers. Check us out!


What does humbly bearing look like and sound like? I really appreciate your visiting and posting. I am just more curious about the experience a first-timer might get... we are hoping that people will discuss their churches, not just pitch them...

"Humbly bearing" to me means that we don't take the approach that we are the only game in town as far as Christian churches go. We think there are a lot of good churches that appeal to traditional, more conservative believers. We try to understand and come along side people that live in Ann Arbor, who tend to be young, well educated and possibly more left leaning that what you think of when you think "Evangelical " church. Yet, we are very centered on Jesus. we feel that we want to reach out to others in our community that are struggling. We go to the Homeless every Friday night in downtown Ann Arbor, to bring them clothes and food, but mainly to develop relationships with them. We provide a once a month free dinner with childcare to Single Moms in the community, whether they are church members or not, because they are a group in our society that need support, and are often overlooked by other groups. We try to bring the love of God into the community because God loves everyone regardless of their beliefs.

Our building doesn't look like a church. We try to appeal to people that have been turned off by traditional churches in the past by making the environment very welcoming and low key.

Awesome feedback, Diane. Thank you so much. It sounds like your church is "walking the walk" and I and so many others are grateful.


Friendly and inviting to all.  Inspiring worship with practical tips on how to put it into practice the following week.   Homeless Ministry that not only feeds the bodies of the homeless but works at feeding their self value, as a child of God.  Single Moms ministry that loves and supports single moms and their children with a great meal and fun child care for their children one night a month.  A chance for the moms to unwind and be taken care of instead of caretaker for a night.  A church that looks towards Jesus as an example of how we should treat others. They say the question every church should ask themselves is would the community miss us if we were gone?  The answer here would be a resounding YES!


I mean, I think its pretty excellent.
Disclaimer: I'm not a pastor or anything, but I do lead a small group bible study at the Vineyard. 

Not sure what people are looking for, here's why I dig it:

  • It feels relaxed.  People are nice, but they don't jump on you right away if you're new
  • The sermons usually cool
  • The vibe is very Ann Arbor, mostly in a good way (OSU and UM fans are finding ways to love each other)
  • Not a lot of hating on this-group or that-group
  • Vegetarian (and Meatatarian) friendly

Because Vineyard Churches as a whole is so new, there are people from all kinds of spiritual backgrounds which leads to a cool mix of practices. You've got your "social justice" activist types, science nerds, liberals and conservatives, college students and regular working stiffs like me all just trying to figure out life. 

I just feel like it fits me more than anywhere I've been so far.  So 4 stars.