Sun Valley Community Church

456 E Ray Rd
Senior Pastor: 
Scott Ridout
The Best Church I Have Ever Gone to!

Sun Valley is the most amazing church environment I have ever been in. I drive 50 miles every week just to attend. I have been going to SVCC for the past 13 years, after hearing about it while living in Japan! Our lead pastor, Scott Ridout, is an amazing teacher, as is our teaching pastor, Chad Moore. The music is amazing, and you won't feel more welcome in any other place- the people at this church truly love God and are committed to being a support system to each other, and gladly welcome newcomers into their flock!



This is the best church I have ever attended, and I have visited a lot of different churches of different denominations. Even after moving 45 minutes away, I still drive back every week, because my wife and I haven't found any church that can replace it.


We attended this church's Sunday services for several years and loved it.  We heard their invitations to become more involved with the church by filling out a comment card, joining their "Small Groups," attending classes, volunteering, etc., but didn't make any attempt to take our relationship with the church beyond Sunday services until recently and that was very disappointing.

The two pastors, Scott Ridout and Chad Moore both deliver really great, down-to-earth messages during the Sunday services.  You feel comfortable listening to their messages and can identify with what they're saying.  You don't feel as though you are being "talked-down to," judged or "preached at."  The pastors really give you some great insight into the bible through today's modern-day world, and I think any pastor that can give you some true understanding of the bible as it relates to today's world is great at his job.  This is an awesome church if you are looking for a good place to attend Sunday services.

If you want to become involved beyond Sunday services, this church leaves you feeling somewhat neglected or abandoned.  I'm not sure if it's growing pains (this church has grown tremendously in the past few years) or just a lack of communication, or what. 

We filled out their comment cards and never got any response to any of our questions or requests for information.  We tried joining one of their "small groups" by sending several emails to the man supposedly in charge of the small groups and we never got any response from him until we complained to the pastor.  We finally went around him and joined one of their small groups anyhow, but we found that the people in the group already had established friendships that went back several years.  Our group would plan activities and forget to give us all the information regarding the activity, and then they would seem disappointed because we didn't know what we were supposed to do or that we were supposed to do something a certain way.  Our small group really made us feel as though we were intruding on an already established "clique," and there was an uneasy "dead silence" every time we attended a meeting. 

We heeded the church's request for volunteers, only to find out later that they had slipped-in some requirements that you MUST meet before they would allow you to help-out.  We had already done some volunteer activities for the church, when one of their administrators invited us in for a meeting.  It was at that point that she revealed that the church wants you to become an official member before they'll let you help out.  They want you to attend several 3+ hour long classes on the weekends, then you have to join one of their "small-groups" and then you have to be baptized by their church - even if you were baptized by another church, it doesn't count!  The administrator wrote down a date on a piece of paper and advised us that we had to attend their classes that started on such-and-such date. 
Okay, if you're going to make volunteering conditional, why not just mention that in the first place?!?!?  We felt as though we'd been snared by one of those used-car-dealership bait and switch programs where they get you in the door with something and then try to force you to do something different.  Wow, that was really an arrogant thing to do -- beg for volunteers and then try to force them to become members.

We had hoped to attend the church's classes in the near future, but don't appreciate being "forced" by anyone to do anything -- especially by a church.  Aren't there enough people in this world that already force you to do things?

In summary, Sun Valley Community Church is a great place to attend for their Sunday Services, but if you are looking for a place that can provide a more meaningful and spiritual relationship with other believers, I'd look elsewhere.


Are you currently church shopping? Is that why you have reviewed a couple of churches in the same area?

What do you think of this whole idea of rating churches- do you think it's biblical?


Actually have attended Sun Valley for several years and decided to "try-out" a church in my family's actual denomination about a year ago, hence the review of the other church.

Only stumbled across this website yesterday, so input my review of both church's on the same day. Will I "try-out" and review other church's in the Gilbert area? Yes, most likely I will.

I think you can praise God and give glory to God in any church. Church's are staffed by people, not God, and staff members of a church are capable of lying, adultery, putting their own needs first, not following through on their promises, and just plain "faltering" just as any other terrestial being on this earth can, right?

I think it's wonderful to be able to review church's because others can see what might be both good and bad about a church. And I'm open minded enough to understand that one person's bad experience might compare to another's good experience. It all has to do with individual people.

As stated in my review, Sun Valley is a magnificent place for Sunday services, and we were unfortunate to have bad experiences in other areas with "people" in the chuch. I hope that eventually they will get through their issues and improve upon those other areas that "faltered."

I go to a church that I consider really healthy, yet when it comes to connecting with people it seems like you have to jumb thru lots of hoops.
Sounds similar to what you experience.
They have been helpful,

Oh yes, one more thing. At Mars HIll they ask the question in their info package "Would you like to serve"
Then just meet us 45 minutes before any service and will put you to work. That speaks volumes about how serving and connecting can be done.