St. John Lutheran Church

305 Circle Ave.
Forest Park
United States
Senior Pastor: 
Leonard Payton
Many loving people--not a loving place

Most of of the parishioners are Christians warm and true, but this congregation has too many hypocrites, starting with the pastor. He is lustful of control, and his sermons deal with his authority much of the time. I have witnessed and experienced ungodly discrimination by people who contribute to the church, and the pastor is selective with his discipline and ministry. At least one African American ex-member has complained that they did not get visits or telephone calls from the pastor when in the hospital and that they did not get calls when relatives died. Yet, every Caucasian friend at St. John who was hospitalized can happily proclaim the support they get from the pastor. Coincidence? I think not. An important thing to remember is that all LCMS pastors must take a vow of confidence. This pastor thinks that emails to the pastor and church authorities are not meant to be kept secret. Does this sound like a pastor you can trust? 

Do yourselves a favor and stay away from this modern-day Church of Smyrna. I just wish the good members of St. John had the strength to oust this pastor and his entrepreneurial bigots like they did 9 years ago with the last senior pastor. no-repeat;" />


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