St. Athanasius

160 N. Rengstorff
Mountain View
Senior Pastor: 
Oscar D. Tabujara
Roman Catholic
Catholic Church

Catholic Mass and community out reach services.


That's like NBC announcing that they have "shows in TV." Why 4 stars? What comprises "out reach?" Tell us more! Soooo much more.

I love the Catholic Mass at whatever Catholic church I attend that's why I rated this church 4 stars. St. Athanasius is a small modern looking church inside. You can expect to hear traditional Catholic hymns and music. This church help's the poor and needy through their St. Vincent De Paul association and they also have a ministry team that visit sick and home bound people upon request. 

Thank you pvenerable, I'm a Catholic and I also like going to Mass where ever I am. But part of the mission of churchrater is help others gain information about each individual parish or church. So this full paragraph you wrote in your second post is spot on and the ratings we are after. I'd just like to encourage you to post that much information on each parish you write about to give others a fuller picture of each parish from your own perspective.