The Refuge

8 Court St.
Senior Pastor: 
Mike Thomas
Evangelical Free
A Chruch growing with a heart for the inner city and hurting

This church is one that I attended last year for a bit. The church is in the center of Taunton, MA a city with a homless population that has tripled in the last few years. The Center is an off shoot of Agape Chapel in neighboring Raynham, and you will hear of people from there and a few other churches in the area giving hours each week at the center. Services are in the early rough stages, but there is joy going on here, the center has already moved into its third building in less than 2 years, and it looks like they may need a fourth. You will see the homeless sitting next to families with young children here. The church works on having ministries going on here through out the week, includding AA meetings, Celebrate Recovery, and Bible studies for men and women. The pastor is known for getting there by 6am on Sunday, getting coffee ready, and then going out and getting the homeless off the street and into the service. There have been stories of hope and joy here, but the Refuge has had it detractors who have spoken badly about it, thinking its a place for "drunks to hang out." sounds like Jesus in the Bible "A Friend of Drunkards"


Great rating, and that's what it sounds like to me to, "Jesus in the Bible...a friend of drunkards." Why do you think so many people talk about the size of a church's attendance rather than its impact in the community...? That continues to baffle me.