Real Life Ministries

1866 N Cecil Rd
Post Falls
Senior Pastor: 
Jim Putman

Called Real Life because its real



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I have been involved with this church for 5 years and what a ride it has been. I am a better human from being in this community as we pursue Christ together.

I am interested in what ways this church has helped you become a "betther human being"

I have become a better human by being around people who love me and tell me what in my life sucks and what I am doing well. It really is a family.

I now about Jim Putnam, He is a super-star in the Kingdom of God. He is a true disciple maker and we all would have a hard time saying tht he is trying to achieve Celebrity statis. He's a lot like Driscall, in that he has a no non-sense type of leadership structure. But probably has less fassion sense :). I haven't been to Church there, but from what I hear, they are a dynamic body of believers!


I went to Real Life Ministries & had a very refreshing experience. They have copies of the financials out on a counter & seemed very based in scripture & the heart of Christ. I had a blast & really enjoyed my time there.

The church financials that are on the counter are false. The church cannot even get certification from the ECFA after 1 1/2 years. They even have another church auditing their books which is biased. That's like having a blind person checking on the blind. Even though they "seem very based in scripture"; RLM is NOT based in scripture--read God's Word in context and really compare it to what RLM is teaching. And where in the Bible does God say that you are supposed to have a "blast" and a refreshing or exciting experience at church?

blah blah blah... other than ecfa comment, none of that made any sense-  more boring church!! woot!!


My previous comment here was taken off because it was negative (proof positive, but negative). All I have to say is read God's Word in context, not the pick and chose verses from various translations that Jim uses; but the Word of God in context and not a summary version like the NLT that Jim uses. Pray that God opens your mind and gives you discernment to see RLM for who they really are, not the face that they put on for all men to see and be recognized and praised by men.


My family and I have gone to this church for 6 years and have rarely felt more at home anywhere else.  The church's foundations are directly from scripture.  It is a small-groups church that teaches through a dicsipleship process. 

It is an amazing place to come and serve and worship God.  It is "religion" stripped down to what it should be--a personal relationship with Jesus who wants a personal relationship with you.