Pine Ridge Fellowship

935 Howland Blvd.
Senior Pastor: 
Rev. Benjamin Stilwell-Hernandez
United Methodist
Where the Love of God Changes Lives

 Pine Ridge Fellowship is a thriving modern church that has a heart for the broken hearted! Through servant evangelism, genuineness, grace, love and humor they seek to honor God through their actions.  

Worship is top notch, discipleship is a large emphasis and community outreach is the bread and butter of the ministry of this local church.



PRF is a vibrant, anointed and steadily growing church! The children's and student ministry programs at PRF are just out of this world! There's an atmosphere of deep worship with awesome musical worship. Our Pastor keeps us fully engaged, encouraged, and inspired with relevant, on fire, Biblical truths. He is very much intune with the Spirit of God. He's also hilarious - there is a LOT of laughter and love in this church! Come prepared to laugh! Every Sunday I walk away feeling like I've been with God, grown closer to Him in intimacy, and that I've been with true friends with genuine hearts for God. LOTS of love. God's love changes my life every week through the ministry of PRF.

Love your enthusiasm

Could you help us by explaining what you mean by
"anointing" - how do you tell when someone/thing is anointed or isn't?

What does it look like to grow closer to God in intimacy?

HOW does Gods love change your life "every" week?

Does that mean you are feeling something or doing something ?

Are you feeding the poor more, giving away more of your time or money?

We love details


Sure! I am speaking from my personal experience as a regular church attender of Pine Ridge Fellowship.  My reference to anointed is from Psalm 23, "You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows," and from the dictionary definition of something as dedicated and consecrated, in this case to God.  This church building and church body (the people!)  have been dedicated to serving the community through many community outreaches. The FREE Eggstravaganza serves thousands of kids and families every year. Room at the Inn is a ministry and service to the homeless during the winter months as we house the homeless overflow from Daytona Halifax Urban Ministries and provide lodging when the temperatures get below a certain temperature.  Meals, games, conversations, and relationship provided also! On several occassions "church has left the building" on a Sunday morning (!) and we "do" and "be" church going to dog parks to hand out dog biscuits, take homeless food kits, hand out water and goodies, NO strings attached! Pure serving!  To me "anointed" also describes a focus and intentionality of acknowledging God and his gifting, empowering, and work in an endeavor. The Christian faith in it's purest sense is about what God's doing, HIS love, HIS empowering US to be his hands, feet, funny bones (I have to include that one!) to other hearts that are hurting. In this sense it is "not in our power or effort alone." So the best way I know to describe the sense of God being in control versus an atmosphere and feeling of people "in control" trying to control other people is to use the term "anointed." Each environment tends to have it's own emotional atmosphere. As someone who tends to intuit more than sense, it's harder to quantify this but it is just as real to me as if I were to describe the physical design and aesthetics of the church.

The emotional atmosphere is FUN and inspiring! This lends itself to a spirit of cooperation, harmony, unity, and purpose. PRF has teams that have helped Habitat for Humanity, Haiti, Cuba and the United Methodist Children's home right here in our area.

God changes my life through PRF every week because I surrender a little more of my selfishness, control, and pride. I become a bit more "real" and "authentic." My outlook on life is more about what "is" than what "should" be. I become more honest with God. This happens through the musical worship (that is typically the time when we acknowledge and love on God through musical ministry). And this happens as I hear words of Life (words that build up, encourage, and empower, focusing on a positive healthier way of living and loving) and hear relevant messages applied from Scripture. As I become more honest with God, learn more about his loving nature, I find myself inspired by what I am learning and find myself thinking on a weekly basis about practical ways I can make new choices and decisions to apply what I've learned.  Some weeks this results in more generosity towards others, another week maybe a specific change to the negative way I was thinking about something, another week could be releasing some bitterness I've been feeling towards someone, another week maybe tearfulness over acknowledging some pain and just experiencing the pain in the presence of a loving God and loving friends. Oh, this is also what I mean by closer intimacy with Him and with my friends and loved ones.

Hope this helps to clarify. These are just my opinions and represent my experiences. I don't speak for the church in any way. But as you can tell I really do love this church! 

"As someone who tends to intuit more than sense, it's harder to quantify this but it is just as real to me as if I were to describe the physical design and aesthetics of the church."

You did a great job - thanks