The Oasis Church

3275 Tig Knight Road
Senior Pastor: 
Troy Shaw

Nice job of being direct but swerving away from being mean.


"In response to my comments, I would be told to go to church somewhere else because I am messing the Oasis Church up."

This struck me because it's so un-Jesus-like.

I think it's very sad that while Jesus valued people highly, some churches claiming to be full of his followers seem to regard people as an inconvenient nuisance.

Paul wrote "If I have not love I am nothing" but surely churches where people are regarded as an inconvenient nuisance 'have not love' for those people. Why are they even in business, in view of Paul's words?

Good morning to all, and God Bless You. Mr 30052, why don't you tell us your real name and not hide behind a shield of anonymity. As a believer and proud member of The OC, I can only opine that you are a bit misguided in your comments. The Oasis Church and it's entire leadership team are committed to further the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Feel free to contact me directly should you wish to discuss this issue. God Bless You.

When the lead pastor listed above was forced to resign, I figured the Oasis Church was well on its way to recovery.  It turns out this wasn't the case.  The Oasis Church is now more judgemental than ever.  Some members discovered that I had not been as holy as I should have been in my past, and all of a sudden, the mood toward me changed for the worse.  Even the youth pastor's attitude toward my son changed.  I thought churches were supposed to welcome the needy and the broken with open arms, rather than shun them away for mistakes that were made in the past!