Modern Life Church

Senior Pastor: 
Ian Shaw
Modern Relevance, Vintage Faith & Real Relationship

ModernLife Church is the church to attend on the Northshore of Chattanooga!  It's a brand new church, officially launching in August but already having great services and events.  The band rocks and the message from the pastor is always practical, to the point, funny, challenging & inspiring.  The leaders there love people, believe in being real with people, and want to show people how to have a fulfilling and real relationship with Jesus.  I love the fact that they have a heart for the city and get involved in the community as much as possible.  I don't have family in Chattanooga, but the people at ModernLife fill that spot!  I love it there :)


What denomination or group "sent" or "planted" this church?

How did they decide to choose the name Modern Life?

 Affiliated with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) and involved with America Ablaze.  Our leadership team resourced over a few months and tried to articulate our identity in a short and to-the-point name for our aspiring ministry.  We all desire to be a "life" giving ministry that serves our community by having modern relevance (not so we can be "cool and hip" but because we believe that Jesus was the most relevant person that ever walk the earth.  He was so relevant that people flock to see/hear Him because He spoke to their deepest need.  We desire to be a church that exhibits His type of relevance. 


Modern Life Church is fun, exciting, and REAL!! People can build real relationships there both with others and God.


Wow what an exciting and hip place to be. The pastor and his family ROCK! Modern Life is the happining place to be if you enjoy an upbeat spiritual experiance with a down to earth family oriented group of people. COME CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!


 Modern Life Church is exactly what the North Shore side of Chattanooga needs. ModLife is more than just a church- it's family! The relationships with people are real, and their desire for your relationship with God to deepen and strengthen is genuine. The worship is contemporary, and it's so easy to get caught up in worship to your Creator. They teach the Word, not adding to it or taking away from It. The ModLife family is perfect if you're looking for more than just a church on Sunday morning.

Spell out a little more what you mean by this statement

"The ModLife family is perfect if you're looking for more than just a church on Sunday morning."

Are most people looking for a Sunday Morning church?


From what we've found, most people around here are.  We meet at 5pm on sundays and then go out afterwards.  We thought people would enjoy sleeping in on sunday mornings and then coming to a later service, but we're finding that around here, sleeping in tends to just make people lazy and not want to get out at all, plus, most, and maybe all churches around here have early sunday morning services, so what we're trying is unconventional.  However, we're still feeling it out and haven't done a lot of advertising yet since our launch isn't until the end of summer.  Hopefully by then we will know when the best time is for people.  And all that was just to answer your question, but I actually think that CTucker was saying that ModernLife services are more than just "church as usual".  They are engaging, uplifting, and leave you wanting more.  I love how full of grace the people in leadership one pretends to be perfect.  I love "real".  :)


We at ModLife are trying to be relevant because that is who Jesus was (and still is). Relevant, but never changing his message. He came to seek and to save that which was lost.  In 1 Cor. 9:22 Paul states, "I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some." His message (after his conversion) never changed. But to the Jews, he became like a Jew. To the weak, he became weak. Here's the point we're still who we are individually, we are not changing our personalities. Our emphasis and goal is to see the lost,.....saved. We're not trying to be the hip and new thing. If that's the goal then we've robbed God the glory. Our relevance is driven by the Gospel and getting that good news that Jesus is alive and that He saves is the goal... So what is Modlife all about really? Jesus. Period.