Mecklenburg Community Church

8335 Brown Road
North Carolina
Senior Pastor: 
Jim White

Love this place! It's just coming home every week.


Someone who has never been before may love Mecklenburg, too, but they might need more a few more details before walking through the door.

So please help our visitors understand more about the church you love... what are the sermons like? How about the look and feel of the place? What is it that makes this a place that feels like home?

Thanks for visiting with us and posting. We look forward to more from you!

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I've been a member of this church since 1996. Prior to going to this church, I was an atheist.

Things I like:

  • The senior pastor's teaching really helped me to see a different perspective than the one that I had.He focuses on the big issues, and allows for disagreement on the little ones.
  • The come as you are attitude. No dress codes. Dress however you feel comfortable.
  • The music is played by a band. Not on an organ.
  • All four of my children participate in MecKidz, the children's ministry. I really like that they tailor the message to them. It allows "big church" to have a message tailored to adults.
  • Family Night worship service is awesome! That team has some very creative and funny people.

I first started attending this church after I was invited by a friend. I went very skeptically. But after about 6 mos, I became a Christian. That was nearly 14 years ago.