Mansfield Webb Rd
Senior Pastor: 
Ronnie Goines
Koinonia - Saving the Lost and Discipline the Saved!

My family and I came across Koinonia 13 months ago, from the Parking Lot Attendants to the pulpit, everyone loved on us and made us feel like we were at home!  They spoke and asked how are? What's your name and actually listened.  It wasn't just the usual I've experienced before "tradition".  Of all the churches we've visited/joined in the past 13yrs we've been in TX we had not come across one that measures up to Koinonia! The spirit reigns in the place, there is liberty,  realness, oneness & openess.  Everyone acts like they are equal, no one is above anyone else.  The church acknowledges it is full of EX's we all are sinners and fall short  of the glory of God!  There's no BIG I's and little you's, if you have an idea you can share it, if Pastor agrees the congregation needs it, be ready to head it up.  There are ministers in place to oversee the ministries, at Koinonia, Kingdom work is spread among God's people, there's no favoritism and or cliques.  They believe in fellowshipping as family, getting to know each other, their is never a dull moment at Koinonia, they have a list of ministires that are all active to keep the Kingdom of God equipped.  At least once a month there's an event going on from the kids to the Seasoned Saints everyone has something to do.  Our Pastor believes in Accountability and walking with men to teach by example how to be a man of God.  His lovely wife you wouldn't notice her, why because she doesn't come across like your traditional Pastor's wife.  She is who she is, call her by name, no hooks, no title, she's so real and lovig.  At Koinonia there's no tradition, our Bible Study has a segment once a month called Q & A to allow the family to ask the Pastor questions about the bible, life the world his answers are Bible based (this is a word church) if you disagree and can support it with the Bible great!  If not the WORD OF GOD WINS!   As a discipled woman of God, my husband and I enjoy "Committed" we meet monthly our marriage has been forever changed!  Our daughter who is a single mom, her life has been greatly enriched by Trinity, the single parents ministry, Caleb a discipleship class for our 13 yr old son is teaching him to have a greater understanding of God and his walk with Him.  There's Man Time held monthly where my then men have an opportunity to chat/talk with other men about life.   My husband and I have both been discipled a 13 week course (Men of Joshua and Women of Esther).  I am a better wife, mother and servant because of WOE and my husband is now the Pastor of our home, leading us God's way.  There is so much more to say about this great church, I would just have to extend you an invitation to join us, so you can experience the awesomess for your self!  Come on,  we're saving a seat for you.  For more information, please visit :  www.koinoniabc.org. SERVICE TIMES:  Sunday 9am & 1115am Sunday School 1015am, Bible Study Thurs 730pm.  See you there! 



Koinonia - Saving the Lost and Discipling the Saved!