Fort Des Moines Church of Christ

244 East Army Post Road
Des Moines
Senior Pastor: 
Michael W. Demastus
Church of Christ
Love God, Love People, Serve Everyone!

The Fort is not a perfect church. The Fort is not a mega-church. We are a group of believers who believe in the authority of the Word of God. We strongly desire to stay true to God's Word.


Thanks for the honesty masterpastor! I often see people come on churchrater and try to convince me that they have the greatest church in the world. So I do appreciate when you say, "the Fort is not a perfect church." From your user name I'm going to try to make the guess that you are the pastor of this church? If so, I'd ask you to inform you church about Churchrater and ask them to throw up their honest opinions about the Fort (either in a sermon of the church bulletin.) Real organization progress comes when you understand your strengths and your weaknesses. Churchrater is a tool to figure out both; for the clergy to dialog with the parishioners and vice versa. 

I thought God was suppose to love everyone? This church has a sign out front saying "Gay is not okay". there is no difference between this church and the KKK.  How sad!