Epic Church

2525 N. Country Club Rd.
Senior Pastor: 
Jake Rasmsusen
Southern Baptist
A Place Where You Can Be You

As a leader here at Epic Church it is easy to rate this a 5.  But in reality I know we are FAR from perfect and could/should be doing much more to connect with our community and to glorify Jesus. 



Epic welcomed my husband and I immediately!  I have felt like a member of the Epic family since my first visit and I'm so happy to be a part of this church!


Why don't you hire someone to rate your church anonymously - try Craigslist
Then you can compare their rating with your 5 stars


Great idea!  Again, if this is a subjective rating system.  I rated it a 5 in 2009.  But, again I am the leader so it is easy.  Again great idea about Craigslist!



Re: A Place Where You Can Be You

5 stars for your own church. I don't have anything to say, but I know of someone who does/did:

"Whoever humbles himself...is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

Humility is Christ-like. And isn't that what all churches wish to be...? Christ-like? Maybe give yourself one star and do all you can to earn the rest.

I hope to hear more from you soon.

Matt Casper


A friend of mine said you responded on here.  Amazing!  I think I posted then never returned.  How silly was I?!

Thanks for your quote of Jesus.  I too agree humility is Christ-like.

I thought this was a subjective rating.  Subjective to me.  I am sure others would rate it a 10 if they could due to the involvement in making our city a better place though acts of service and community.  And others would rate it a -20 becuase of something as relationships are messy and it is a journey together not just a one time sprint.

Epic Church focuses upon Jesus for sure.  But, we fail in following him all the time.  The majority of us desire authentic community with each other and try hard to acheive this goal with the masses, yet we continually fall short.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, please come and visit.  I would really enjoy your feedback.  Come join us at one of our Party in the Parks we host, or a small group night where we study scripture and share our struggles and success' in life together.  We are far from perfect but we enjoy the journey together and deisre to follow Jesus.