Desert Hills Fellowship

515 E Carefree Hwy
Senior Pastor: 
Jimmy Farley
Don't Judge This Book by The Cover!

At first glimpse, you might consider turning around and going to the "big church" across the street. Half landscaped, half dirt, and a bldg. that appears to be old and outdated. Parking seems to be an issue as the amount of pavement is limited and unstriped. And where is the entrance? Finding the sanctuary can be difficult with the lack of signs and greeters. However, once you get inside you will find the worship to be passionate and the preaching spot-on.



When you first drive up it is confusing of where to park. There is a separate building in the back and no recognizable signs directing you where to go. Once you get your bearings you can follow people to the front door. As you walk in it seems that you have walked through a time warp into the late 70's early 80's. It has the classic popcorn ceilings and interesting tile work! Fortunately the aesthetics don't match up with the feeling you experience inside the hard to find door.


from a person searching for a church for over 2 years, I believe the lord led me to this church, I felt like I wanted to be a part of the music, I felt like the church could be my familys new church/home. I felt comfortable to sing along and I was moved by the message. when I loged on the the net this morning jesus pointed me in this churches diredtion. PTL. I believe my search is over.

Although you sound like a church refuge who has found their way home - making you something of a church veteran as well.

You have a pre formed opinion of church music and culture making you different than the majority of people who have never attended a church service.

Why dont you send a really unchurched friend of yours to the same church and ask them to tell you what kind of rating they would give the church but be sure to not pre prejudice them by telling them what you think.

Then send us their rating and we'll compare and contrast




Jimmy's sermons give me new insights to scripture. Having attended church for many years it is great to see new meaning in familiar scriptures. It's refreshing and I look forward to new learning each week.
The church family is friendly and never judgmental. Kristen has a passion and ministry all her own. I appreciate her open genuiness as she shares her strengths and weaknesses with the congregation.

Sounds like you really like the church - Why such a low rating?