Denver Bible Church

7180 Oak Street
Senior Pastor: 
Bob Enyart
Evolutionists Beware

Denver Bible Church is pastored by America's #1 Right Wing Religious Fanatic, homophobic, Pastor- Bob Enyart. This is a strong anti-abortion, anti-evolution, anti-homo and highly Biblical church. If you are a "lukewarm" Christian, then you might not be too comfortable at Denver Bible Church.


Is it anti-hate, too? Or just anti-homo...?

Remember all the things Jesus said he was anti...? No? That's because he didn't say hateful things like that!

What you believe is anti-this, anti-that... I'd say you're a non-believer. I recommend another faith, one without the name "Christ" in it, because your beliefs are anti-Christ...

Stop putting more hate into the world, please.

Wow - this is the most revolting statement about a church community I think I have ever read. I pray that this is not a true picture of this large and influential fellowship in my community. I have never been to FBC, but I have known several people that attended services there. These were three of the most sincere, loving people living the fruits of their faith that I have been privileged to know.

With arms raised:
How much longer are we going to allow our faith to be co-opted by power-hungry bullies framing this amazing gift of life in absolutes around over these polemic and largely symbolic issues? Repent. Please. Really, please.

Well this is the closest to the kingdom of god in the area, for reading and learning about the bible.