Church of St. Peter

2600 N. Margaret Street
North Saint Paul
Senior Pastor: 
Father Daniel Griffith
Roman Catholic
St. Peter's is a welcoming, friendly community of people!

I've been attending St. Peter's for 7months now. Everytime I go someone new introduces themselves to me. ALL of the preists are warm and friendly. I've felt at home since the 1st time I set foot in the church. My fiance's kids who have grown up so far with no church experience LOVE it at St. Peter's. They actually beg to go to church as often as possible because they like it there so much!

There are a wide variety af age groups and activities at St. Peter's it really seems like there's always something going on that you can get involved in!

It's a newly remodled church and it's georgious!


Great sounding place - they deserve 5 stars if its as true as you say

Tell our readers what your kids like so much about the church

Tell us how old the kids are also if possible


My husband and I recently were married at St. Peter's. They almost cancelled our wedding two days before it happened. After meeting with the pastor he wanted to change our Mass to a ceromony instead of our original plans due to the fact that my husbands father was Lutheran (we are both Catholic) again two days before it happened. He stated that his staff "let this slip threw the cracks and will have to discuss this with them so as to not allow this to happen again" They continuously threw in my husbands face that he came from a divorced family and the statisics that were involved behind this so called issue. Our mentor couple took things out of context and weren't very infomative. I do not feel that St. Peter's staff were as welcoming as they could have been. The staff were very crass and seemed to be unorginized. We have since transfered to Transfiguration in Oakdale which had been a sore spot with St. Peter's before we were ever involved with them. I can see why a lot of parishioners tranfer over to Transfiguration. We have gotten a very warm welcome form everyone at Transfiguration. They have more faith formation studies and community involvement. They are more welcoming to the diversity of people and their up-brining. They do not judge and welcome new parishoners with open arms.