The Church at South Las Vegas

3051 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway
Senior Pastor: 
Benny Perez
One big "Happy Us" party

I attended this church while on a business trip, having heard about it from a friend of mine.  I attended a Sunday Night service (6:00pm) and was met at the door and handed a bulletin, but then had to find both the worship center and a seat on my own.  I'm fine with that, but I also knew, mostly, what to expect.

I like loud music.  But, the music for this service was WAAAAY too loud....we're talking airplane taking off decibels.  The gentleman leading the singing was an excellent musician.  I didn't know any of the songs, and that was okay,  I don't know if the songs were his (or other band members') arrangements, or whether I'm just not "in" to what's new.  The songs, however, were filled with Christian imagery and vocabulary.   I was looking for something that would draw me in as a new Christian, looking at it through the eyes of some of my highly intellectual, non-believer friends.  There was nothing to draw me in.   Not even to make me curious.

The sermon was actually just a recording of the morning's service.  Benny Perez, while an engaging speaker, beat the audience over the head with the authority of the Bible.  (Sola Scriptura)  As a new believer, or a seeker, it was intimidating.  He also used lots of absolutes, "Obviously", "Always", "Never"....when the things he was talking about weren't obvious, were interpretations (often his own...which he would preface with "I think"...I did like that), or were simply things with which I didn't agree.  He also slammed hard on his authority as a pastor because he was called.   I really want to know what his accountability structure is like?  I only attended one week, so I can't make any speculations on that.

Then, at the end, a gentleman stood on the platform and did an "altar call" that was extremely broad.  Basically, "God is telling me that someone here in the room is feeling like they aren't completely committed to Christ."  And twenty people raised their hands, and came forward for prayer.  (Cast a wide net, you're bound to catch some fish)  They did the laying on of hands, and people falling backward thing....also intimidating to a new believer.  I'm all for God doing amazing things, but I guess I would have been more convinced if the guy had said, "God told me there's a guy named Bill from New Mexico in the audience, and that his wife has just left him.  God wants Bill to know it's all okay, and that He loves him, cares for him, and is with him.  Bill, will you step forward; I'd like to pray for you."   I just wasn't convinced that the prayer at the end was "real".

It wasn't my style, I guess.  If you are a Chirstian, and want a service that will make you feel secure and happy in your Christianity...then this is a great church.  If you're looking for something that is going to be Jesus to a community, or something that seems missional, this isn't your church.



The church leaders are like Pharisees--their talk personally does not at all match their walk. Stay as far away from this church as you can! There are MUCH BETTER choices of churches to choose from. The pastor is all about numbers: how big his church is and how much money they pull in each week. They are trying to pull in money in this economy to build a monument to themselves when so many suitable buildings are vacant. Run from this place as fast as you can. There are just much better choices out there.


how do you know so much about this church?

What drew you to them originally ?

My husband and I have been attending The Church for the past three years and absolutley LOVE IT!!!! I stumbled upon this website and am so glad to share my experience with it. We had been looking for a church that is relational, real and relevant and we have found just that! We love Pastor Benny and his wife and the his team of pastors. We love how real the staff and other volunteers are, no one's perfect but my husband and I feel like together we all are really striving to be more like Jesus. We love that Pastor Benny preaches the Bible and nothing else!  The staff and prayer team are ready and willing to pray and answer any questions we have. We visited The Church several times before making this our home church and didn't allow one visit to determine our decision. We feel that one shouldn't base thier final decision on one visit. We started serving in various areas of the ministry where needed and we love it so much!! We are so thankful for Pastor Benny and The Church!! We pray for them and look forward to every weekend!!!



"Pastor Benny preaches the Bible and nothing else! "

Tammy thanks for your enthusiastic endorsement of the church

Since most churches say they preach the bible and nothing else maybe you could help our readers understand why you would make this statement - since humans experiences differ we would love to hear why this issue is so important to you

My first visit to the church was a delightful one.  Once i drove on the property I was greeted  by a parking personel that was very helpful in helping me find a spot. Once I was parked and walked into the building , there standing at the door was a friendly face greeting me with a wonderful smile and asked if i needed anything and I asked him where the restrooms were. The greeter directed me. The restrooms smelled fresh and appeared to be clean and shiny.  Afterwards I proceeded to the worship center and once again I was greeted by a cheery  usher eagerly waiting to locate me a seat. The music was new to me but that didnt matter because it was filled  great lyrics and great  musical arrangements.  The music was sang from deep within the worship leader and choir. The band showed excellence and focus and to what God was doing at that time of the service. Once  Pastor Benny began his sermon  I was filled with joy knowing that he spoke straight from the Bible and nothing else. This church has been a blesseing to me since day one. This is the very reason why I decided three years ago to make The Church my place of worship and fellowship. The Church is real.  I encourage you to take some time and visit this great church it will change your life, It did for me!!!! 

Pastor Benny is a genuine, open, really honest, relevant preacher, who speaks out of the Bible. Each week he comes prepared to speak what he has been given to minister & does it in a way that people can relate. He allows himself to be vulnerable by sharing that he is only a human being as we, and that he too has to get up every morning and consciously decide to live his life in a way that is pleasing to the Lord and based off of the Lords plan and way for him. I appreciate how he is making it his business to have our church be about people & about the love of Christ. He is in the ministry to see lives changed spiritually so we can impact our families, neighborhoods, work environment, and the Las Vegas Valley for the better. He with his wife, Pastor Wendy Perez, have prayed and are constantly praying to keep The Church functioning in a way that touches the lives of many.

I enjoy being a part of the body at The Church at South Las Vegas because of its diversity and awesome worship.

I became a member almost 6 yrs ago for the sake of my children, and it was definitely a God thing, because there are many great churches here in Vegas. Yet, The Church is the one for me and my family!

In response to Jededia, WOW! I would think for you to make a judgement on someone's personal life and charactor like you did, you would have to be around those people personally for an extended period of time. But I'm sure that wasn't the case. And even if you had spent the time, they're still sinners saved by Grace just like you and me. There may be a number of good churches available in the Valley but people are drawn to this church because it's REAL. As far as numbers go, you're right, Pastor Benny is concerned about numbers because numbers mean souls. If you have the attitude of us 4 and no more than you'll never be pleased with churches that are reaching the lost. There's someone in the Bible who was also concerned about numbers, maybe you've heard of him? His name was Jesus. I've attended this church now for several years and I've never heard Pastor Benny speak about how much money we receive in Tithes and Offerings each week. Pastor Benny is preaching the Bible when it comes to finances and giving. Our hope and faith is not in "this economy" but it's in the Lord. And lastly, people are "running" when it comes to the Church at South Las Vegas, but they're not running away from it, they're running to it. Be blessed and I hope you find a church that will meet all your expectations. 

My husband and I attend The Church regularly and we have remained attendees for a few years because of both the diverse and exciting culture set by the Lead Pastor, Benny Perez, and his team of pastors and the impact we've seen The Church have on the community.

Pastor Benny has said often that although he believes he pastors the greatest church in the world, the style is not for everyone. He has often mentioned other churches he has formed relationships, from the pulpit, because it doesn't matter if you attend The Church, but you should go somewhere you can experience the love of Jesus and start getting fed spiritually. Compared to the last church we attended, that was refreshing because when I attended there, I was scared to go anywhere else because I was told they might not preach the Bible. Well, I quickly learned after one visit to The Church, that there were other churches grounded in teaching biblical principals.

I have heard many times how much The Church has grown, but as Pastor Benny says often, "numbers respresent people and lives that have been changed". That point about lives being change was apparent last weekend when The Church had a graduation ceremony during service for two women who have overcome the victimization of sex-trafficking. The women went thru the Destiny House program, which is something that the church opened because Pastor Benny and his wife saw a need that was in our community and there current weren't any other homes in this city focused on helping that population of individuals. It's because the people who attend The Church are so giving, that not only the Destiny House exists, but Pastor Benny has been very transparent how The Church supports the community in other areas, such as The Store, where free food and toiletry items are distributed twice a month to over 3,000 people. The Church also buys the food and toiltry items for the Brown Bags that church volunteers put together twice a month, so people who attend services can take them to keep in their cars for when they see homeless individuals to hand out and meet the physical needs of those people. 

The reason why I visited The Church, the first time, was to check it out for a friend who wanted to attend, to make sure there was biblical teaching. My husband and I have stayed because we see that The Church has been faithful to do what they say their mission is, "To produce fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ that will impact their city, region, nation, and the world."  I don't know how anyone can oppose that.

Thank you for your review Brad!