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3550 Crocker
Senior Pastor: 
paul endrei
Other Pentecostal
awful awful awful

this church experience made me sick.  i went there once a few years ago to hear a guest speaker, so i thought now that i am looking for a church i would try a sunday morning service-  wow, what a joke.  i went to two because the first was so awful, i wondered if it was just a bad sunday.  no such luck.

i dont even know where to start.  i guess if you are looking for a pentacostal/charismatic crazy-fest, this is the church for you.  or if you are looking for a preacher who's in love with himself and preaches fluff.   or maybe if you want a church that teaches health/wealth propsperity.... either way, i obviously wont be going back.  this is not what jesus had in mind


 Hey Acts 2,

Would a more generous interpretation be that, if you are looking for a consumeristic charismatic church (maybe a more charismatic Lakewood clone) this place is for you, but if not I'd avoid it. 

As a Roman Catholic, part of our tradition is to interpret things in the most generous light possible. I want to keep with the truth of what you said but try to make sure their isn't any venom in it. 


i dont know that the point of this site is to be generous, but to be honest.  if you want to interpret that as "venom" that's fine.  all i know is that it makes me sad to think that people walk into this "church" thinking that it represents Jesus-  pretty sure Jesus wasn't "consumeristic" as you say-  and this wasn't what he had in mind

"The doctor decided that the time had come to tell his patient the truth: "I feelI should tell you that you are a very sick man and are not likely to live for more than another two days at most. You may want to settle your affairs. Is there anyone you desire to see?"

"Yes," came the answer in feeble voice.

"Who is it?" asked the doctor.

"Another doctor"

-A parable by Anthony De Mello

Remember, people don't listen to what you say, they listen to what they want to hear. 

For ChurchRater, the idea is to make church better and that people would use your advice. So if you come on to CR and simply lambaste people you aren't going to create much change. Dialogue creates change, debate is an academic competition. 

 this church is a feel good type church like joel osteen preaches.  there is a "prosperity teaching" vibe to it.  

Thanks Kaybee2481

That is probably a more straightforward way of describing it

Thanks for sharing your experience, I would have probably done the same if I were you. Going to church and praying is about spiritual achievement not material achievement. I keep an open mind on my religion and I learn from everywhere, for example from the Church of Shambhala.


I really like this church because I find myself being challenged to change for almost every service I attend.  And that's one of the main points - you need the Word preached to you so you can get a good idea of how your life does not measure up to the Bible.


Its a Church for the Whole Family with Powerful and Practical Teaching for Everyday Life! We always leave better than when we came and people are genuine and super nice!


This is a Great church! I have met many wonderful people here and alwasy leave feeling better then when I first arrived!

This church is amazing!  Not only are the people friendly and kind but the worship is spirit-filled and the messages each Sunday really teach me the Word of God and equip me with practical application for my life.  There's also outreach ministries and connect groups that have allowed me to use my gifts and talents and grow spiritually.  Every Sunday and Wednesday night service, I learned something and connect with people who love God and others.


Curious... four new, rather similar five-star reviews for this church inside a couple of days, plus a request sent to us flagging the initial review (unfavorable) as abusive... what's happening at Church on the Rise? Sounds like folks got some marching orders of some kind?

Anyway, not pulling the original post--that person's experience was their own. You are free to do exactly what you have done--counter it with more favorable reviews.