Church In The Now

1877 Iris Drive SE
Senior Pastor: 
Bishop Jim Swilley
This church is a very different experience! Very positive and life changing!

We have been attending CITN for about 12 yrs. In that time, I don't think I have missed more than a dozen services. It's therapeutic and a neccesary part of my life. For me, it has been dramatically life changing. All of the issues, that I went in with, are gone or under control. CITN is fun, revelatory, very different from other churches, and I always leave feeling better and spiritually stronger, for having attended.


Where did the name of the church come from? Kind of cool - just wondering about the meaning and also if this is a non denominational church who ordained your pastor as a Bishop?

Yeah, I guess the name is cool. I'm pretty sure that there is an explanation of it on the website. I'm one of those people that doesn't pay much attention to details. I think it has to do with God being alive now and paying attention to what God is saying now. Now is what we have control of and, of course, now affects our future. We went, the first time, because it was contemporary looking and large enough to offer a great kids program. We had tried a few churches around and this place blew them all away. I think it still does. I believe Bishop Swilley was ordained by an international organization. We cover quite a few churches, in various countries and I remember when he was ordained but didn't attend. I love him whether he is a bishop, pastor or just Jim Swilley. You gotta love somebody that gives you the tools to handle life and your relationship with God. No one had ever done that for me, before. Bishop swilley has a blog or two and all of his stuff is accessable via the CITN website.

very helpful

One more question I know our readers would like to know

Where does your church stand regarding Jesus?

Is he the Son of God - the only true God or is he just one of many ways to God

Bishop Swilley is very New Testament. His most recent book, just released, is Gospels In The Now. Wednesday nights are a teaching service and he is currently using his book to teach the Gospels. Of course, that means a lot of teaching about Jesus. Jesus is definitely the center of most teaching that Bishop Swilley does and it is safe to say that CITN promotes, heavily, the fact that Jesus is the son of God and our Saviour. We are also a very Holy Spirit oriented church and that has been a particularly favorite revelation that I have experienced at CITN. We are a very "come as you are church". You don't have to be on board with everything taught at CITN to attend or to be a member. We are all works in progress and don't subscribe to the notion that only the "good" people are welcome. I love the cultural and theological variety that is represented in our congregation. Religious spirits are not encouraged and the seeking of revelation and meaning, of the original scripture language, is treasured. This is only my perception and feeble attempt to describe a living and changing body of people. The style, of CITN, is not for everybody and is dynamic, with the music and word. If you prefer a very quiet church with robes and rituals, you may not be comfortable at CITN. On the other hand, it might be just what you are looking for. Take care!

Great feedback and description

One final clarification for our readers

What does this mean "Religious spirits are not encouraged"

Whats a religious spirit?

To me, a religious spirit is someone that will get fighting mad, if the details of their theology differ from what another believes. You will usually notice it's presence, if it is there, in any discussion of  religion. God is much bigger than our pettiness and I'm convinced that God doesn't pay near as much attention to our "right way" and "wrong way" as we tend to. CITN encourages people to find common ground and build from there. Exploring truth and seeking revelation would probably start a fight in a room full of religious spirits.

"Exploring truth and seeking revelation would probably start a fight in a room full of religious spirits."  Could you please give a couple examples to clarify what you mean?

I've been thinking of some examples and came up with quite a few things that would possibly enrage a religious spirit. I don't really want to start a discussion or fight here. Suffice to say that we should all work out our own salvation. I believe what I have come to believe and I would never criticize someone elses method of belief, even if I might not agree with them. I've seen fights over length of hair,  type of music and methods of worship. Hell and sin are also flamable topics. I enjoy examining traditions and beliefs to see if there might be another way to look at things. God is still speaking to us and an open mind is an asset, if we are going to be able to hear.

I wouldn't worry about Rob starting a fight, he is really a nice guy. I think he is really just curious about what you are getting at. The moderators on Churchrater work hard to stamp out fighting and debate. One of the main point's of CR is to dialog about how we do church. Thanks for your insights bassman!

thanks bassman

thanks bassman

Is "in the now" an Eckhart Tolle reference? BTW: this is the exact kind of thing that I think CR is for... dialoging. In that spirit, how does a 2,000 year old book pertain to "the now?"

Curiously and respectfully,

I have never heard of "In the Now" by Eckhart Tolle. The closest reference that has been attributed to the name comes from the old Flip Wilson show. Do you remember the crazy preacher from the Church of "What's Happenin' Now"? Remember, "The devil made me do it"? Bishop Swilley used to watch and like that show, when he was a kid. He has referred to that, several times, when discussing the name. More proof that God uses the foolish things! A lot of the sermons, at CITN, have tv and movie references sprinkled in. Bishop Swilley sees the Kingdom of God everywhere and Hollywood, whether intentional or not, in reflecting life, often displays the Kingdom message. An example, which was probably intentional, was Gran Torino. I even noticed that and I'm pretty clueless. The Blind Side, with Sandra Bulloch, had me saying, "Wow, there's God" quite a bit. I feel The Holy Spirit in music and many times throughout my day. God doesn't just show up in church. The Kingdom is at hand and fairly easy to see, once you know what to look for. Take care! JT

Hi guys! I was just looking around at some of the other reviews. I think it's very interesting to see others opinions of churches that they have visited. Obviously, people have differing expectations of what a church should be like. I believe that there is no model for a perfect church. There are a lot of choices and, with a little effort, there is certainly a church that would be ideal, somewhere, for anyone searching. I remember inviting a couple to CITN, years ago. They are close friends and I assumed that they would love it as much as we did. She thought it was incredible and he hated it. He was used to a quiet, very traditional church and the celebratory atmosphere turned him off. Of course, that was what she was used to, as well, but it suited her anyway.  I have enjoyed looking through the reviews and wish you guys all the best in your effort to furnish an interesting and, I think, valuable resource. I hope to see more dialogue, in the future, from folks offering supporting or differing opinions regarding the churches already reviewed. JT

Spiritual healing by attending the church is a fact. I found your words very inspiring, the church should be part of our lives because it can give us strength and make us better people. Some people may feel inspired and enlightened by the church Buddha Maitreya, it's just on example on how the church we believe in may influence who we are.