Capitol Hill Church of The Undignified

1205 E Pike St
Senior Pastor: 
Benji Rhodes
A Church That Could Change Seattle

The thing that caught my attention the most about Benji Rhodes' Capitol Hill Church of the Undignified (besides the mouth-full of a name) was that fact that I see this church going places. Out of the several that I have seen in the Seattle Area, the Church of the Undignified is the one that I see doing amazing things for the community. Simply put, this group of 20 or so people, was the place that best represented the Church too me. Benji is a prophet of a leader, with a heart that just oozes all over you. His family is a part of his ministry in the most organic way possible. The Church exists for the community, and in not like most "out-ward" churches that go "beyond-the-walls"; The Church of the Undignified has no walls. Sometimes they have music, and sometimes they don't. When Benji speaks people listen, and he is an amazing leader. The Church is right in the middle of Capitol Hill, and has no "church-like characteristics" - that meaning, it doesn't look like a church. It is simply a small store front, that turns into a larger building once inside - and frankly, if I was living in that area, that would be the type of relevant "church", that I would be interested in.



This is one of the few churches that I have been to that seems to have its priorities completely straight. Benji Rodes has a real heart for the people who come to his church. Sadly I was unable to actually attend a service at this church, though I did get a chance to meet with Benji. This is a church and a pastor who are in a small building that most people would consider the size of their living room. They meet in an area with neighbors who are as far from Christian as possible, yet they still manage to flourish and grow. Another thing that impressed me about Benji is his loyalty to the Nazarene Washington-Pacific District. He was very adamant that without the support of the Nazarene church he would not be in the place that he is now. It has only been with their resources that he has been able to come as far as he has. It would seem that most small churches in his position would be willing to sell out their denominational parent in an effort to draw more people to the "non-denominational" church. This is a church that I will look forward to continue to hear about over the next several years. I pray that Benji does not loose sight of what God is doing there with the him, the church, and the people.

What a great name!