Blackhawk Evangelical Free Church

110 N Whitney Way
Senior Pastor: 
Chris Dolson
Evangelical Free
Great Atmosphere

I've been there a few times now and i love everything about it



Like, tell us more? You liked "Everything about it?" But you only gave "friendliness" a 3 out of 5...??

I've only been there once, but I didn't go back because the congregation is large and felt impersonal to me.  There's a large amount of grad students who attend this church, and they have more than one service on Sundays.  I was looking more for a place that had a smaller congregation and this wasn't the place for me.


I have tried out this church a few times. It's a fairly nice church, although there are some problems just due to the large scale of it all. The first time I went there it was hard to tell if I was really attending a church or walking through an airport lobby. It's very large; you can easily get lost in the crowd. The greeters at the doors were about as friendly as the Wal-Mart greeters on a good day, but otherwise everyone seemed to kind of keep to themselves (or to their own families / cliques). It seemed surprisingly lonely, despite so many people being there.

The sermons that I attended were heartfelt but somewhat shallow. They just didn't seem to have much depth to them. One time they had a sermon that I saw and was very turned off by, as it seemed to focus on insulting other Christian denominations that they didn't agree with.

But I do recognize that this church is doing a lot of good in the community. One time I was there they mentioned how they had raised around $150K in donations for the World Food Programme, and how they were doing some additional volunteer/missionary work overseas. They also started an annual volunteer program in late Spring called "Love Madison" that I got to take part in, and it was really rewarding.

Really LARGE churches have a harder time not turning into just a "big business".   The church leaders should always keep this in mind -- and remember the 12 lowly followers of Christ.   If this is always in their minds -- it should be passed down to all other workers, boards, and teachers.