Bethany Village Fellowship

516 Newport Ave
South Attleboro
Senior Pastor: 
Rev Dr Daniel Doré
Friendly, a Little Edgy, Small Congregation 100 or So

Missions oriented, local and abroad, they speak about the work at hand and the need for more outreach. Pastor shared in his prayer the need to turn the church inside out to meet the people Jesus Misses. Multuple church leaders. Special needs children take up the collection. Needs help with worship... CD's just don't cut it even though they have multi media.


That's wonderful the kids you mentioned are included in the worship.  Did the pastor mean that when people don't come to church Jesus misses them, or the church needs to be sure that its outreach doesn't miss anyone whom the love of Jesus doesn't miss?  What do you mean by "a little edgy"?  Does this church have a Web site?  CDs could work with a network of house churches.  Does this church have a Web site?


This has got to be the best kept secret in New England! The Church is awesome! The people are friendly and the Pastor is dynamic! I would highly recommend this Church to anyone who is looking for a Church home! If you want to be a part of a loving warm congregation go next Sunday and check them out! You will leave satisfied!!