Bethany Christian Assembly

2715 Everett Ave
Senior Pastor: 
Rob Carlson
Assemblies of God
Felt Like Crashing a Family B-Day Party

The feeling I got was like walking into someones home uninvited. I got a few looks, but no greeting. The grandure of the building did not fit in the community, in that it was like a brand BMW parked in a seedy used car lot. The singing was very unimpressive and nonsensical. The words were many and the meaning never came through. (Boy they tried hard to sound good and look good). They'll never be on my I-Pod. Then came the speaker. (I'll vote for him) He came across like he was really trying to be perfect. Blond wife, three perfect boys, a nice car, home and life. Now we need to be like him. All his stories were centered around his perfect life, perfect building, and if we sign up for Jesus, we'll be perfect too. Uhhhh, as the book clearly this really what Jesus told you to do?



Since the last review I gave was deleted, I'll just say I wouldn't go there.

TO  Tmb:

If the pastor's wife had been brunette, would you have called that to our attention?  Are you suggesting a stereotype or a bias against blonds that you have bought into?

I won't speak for this fella, but I will share that we have lately been a lot better about "policing" comments. I agree with you: the hair color of the pastor's wife is irrelevant. The pastor's wife is basically irrelevant, too (unless she participates in the services). We want to know about the visitor's experience--that's all this site is for. So, Cassandra... what was your experience like?