Avent Ferry United Methodist Church

2700 Avent Ferry Rd.
North Carolina
Senior Pastor: 
Taylor Mills
United Methodist
Diverse, missional, international, caring. Core Values: Worship, Invite, Nurture, Serve

 OK.  Yes, I'm the pastor.  But if I were not the pastor here, if I were a lay person, I would choose this church.  Honest.  These folks welcome EVERYONE.  It's come-as-you-are, but the worship is also thoughtful and deep.  There's plenty of fun, lots of growth and excitement, and lots of caring for everyone.


Oh no, the pastor gives his own church five stars? You get serious points from me for being honest about being the pastor. Pastors do come on CR sometimes and rate their Church, then they hide behind the anonymity the site offers. However I can often tell when a pastor rates their own church and don't say they are the pastor. Again, thank you for the honesty. 

We have to make a deal now Taylor. I'm going to ask you go to your congregation and tell them to come on this page and rate your church as well. I'd ask that you not direct them how to rate the church (positive or negative) but you ask for honest feedback. You can use Churchrater for advertisements, but the real growth will come in the feedback you get from your parishioners and visitors. I know you most likely just wanted to get into the system and sometimes as the pastor you have to initiate getting your church on CR. But as one person in the Triangle to another, I'd ask that you announce Churchrater in a sermon or put it in the bulletin. I'm not going to take down your rating or anything if you don't hold up to the "deal." And I'm not a United Methodist but I do attend a United Methodist seminary; so I do want to help you guys. 

 Hey Tyler!  Glad you can appreciate where I'm coming from.  I can certainly understand your point too.  You'd be pleased to know that before your response I had already "plugged" CR with my superintendent pastor and made plans to tell the congregation and other clergy.  I'd be happy for my church members to rate our church but I'd be especially interested in what a visitor would say.  I put in for one of those "Rate-My-Church" services the site offers.  (Maybe they'd send you since you're in the Triangle. :)  That'd be awesome!)  By the way, since you're in this area at at a UM seminary, i wonder if you're at my alma mater: Duke Div.  (U don't have to respond to that if you don't to, with all the identity theft issues out there and all.)  Do check out our website.  it's new and, though we're almost done on a couple parts, it's something we're excited about.  

Take care!  Blessings!  And thanks!