Ardent Church of The Nazarene

1209 Central Ave South
Senior Pastor: 
Scott Davis
Ar-Dent: Enthusiastic or Passionate

Honestly, it took me a while to figure out where I was, as sat in the second row, at Ardent's evening worship service. I had fallen asleep on the way there, and practically woke up as I sat in the service. This was the fourth church that I had been to that day, and I turned to my neighbor sitting next to me and asked "What's the name of this Church? Where are we?"
Ardent is held in the largest room of a dance academy, however, you would have a hard time noticing that. They have a person who is specifically involved in the "sacred-space" and he does a good job of transforming the bare walls and empty floors into a reverent place of worship. The pastor got up and spoke a regular style sermon, which was better than most I had heard that day. During the service, you were given the opportunity to get up an walk around to several "prayer-stations" if you wanted to. Now, this gets said all the time, but for some reason, I felt very comfortable here at Ardent, and so I went ahead. And I very much appreciated it. Afterwards, I had a chance to sit down with the staff and talk about their purpose and ministry. I was amazed at the team in front of me; it was a very eclectic group of people, that nevertheless were so passionate about their Church, and I mean that literally, they were so passionate about Ardent, and what was happening. The music and sermon seemed to take a step back in the way they talked, and things like acting in Love, and connecting with people took a higher priority. However, I felt awfully uneasy as I looked at this church. A majority of new church plants (like this one) fail in their first year, and as I looked at this team & their church, I just sat there hoping that everything goes well.
All in all, the Church represents it's name well. Ardent is a church of passion. It can be felt in everything from the friendliness of the congregation, to the message of the pastor. Even the coffee table in the back had a sense of enthusiastic passion to it; and the most important thing - the passion of Ardent is rather contagious.



This church was very impressive not only because of how small and tight knit the congregation seemed to be but also on the part of the church staff. As we were sitting in the crowd of people listening to the pastor preach, you really got the idea that they as a church were using every resource that they could to the best of the resources ability. They had many stations of worship that really in gauged the worshiper on a more intimate level. During the staff meeting the pastor talked about his time in ministry and his time at this particular building. I loved how he talked about how they got the use of the building through friendship and really a lot of prayer. This really showed their perspective of how they thought about prayer and how they saw the strength of God in their ministry. The pastor said that they would do what ever God called them to do with the greatest of force, ability, and love. The whole staff really seemed to have a really great relationship that not only wanted to see change come to the church in great waves for the good but also that they would be continually faithful through it all. That is what I really liked most about Ardent Church.


This small church plant located in Kent is well, homey and yet uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable in the sense that I didn't feel welcomed in any way shape or form, but uncomfortable because you really sensed that here was a group of people gathering not to 'do worship' but seek and grow together. Their numbers are not huge, they do not have a fancy building, and Scott Davis is really not a polished speaker, however it is evident that they want to follow Jesus and if that means doing that in tough situations, out on their own, leaping into the great abyss, so be it. I think that was part of the thing I really enjoyed. Many of their group have come from a church background and while they do not want to follow exactly what they came out of, they do not know any other way. So yes, it is uncomfortable for them, but they seem to have a center and a hope in the Jesus that they trust and love. If someone is looking for a place to not go and hide in the back corner, this would be the place. If someone is looking for a group that will love and support them, this is their kind of place. Intimate, a family, and real people who acknowledge that they do not have it figured out.


Aside from the preaching being a little more topical than I like (4th sermon in the series type thing) Ardent really impressed me. From what I saw there were only about 5 of the maybe 15 people sitting in the "audience" that weren't somehow involved in the ministry of Ardent.

My favorite part of Ardent was the stations, I'm not sure if they do this all the time or if it is specifically a lent thing, but they had a few participatory stations open anytime during the service that really made it both a personal and communal event. As I sang I heard the sound of someone nailing a care or a burden (written on a 3x5 card) to the cross (a 3ft. wooden cross on the floor) that experience really resonated with me.


I really enjoyed Ardent Church. Even though there was only a small group of people that attend there regularly you could feel a strong sense of community among them, especially during the small break partway through the service for a coffee and tea break. And the people were generally friendly to all of us that were visiting their church.

Another thing I enjoyed a lot was the music. The worship band was off to the side so they were not the focus of the worship music times. And even though they did not have many people to draw from they had a really great worship band that was better than I’ve even seen in some big churches. This really seemed to help the service and it could also create an avenue for engaging the musical culture in the Seattle area.

And another way that I saw cultural engagement happening in the church was the prayer stations set up around the room. And they were not just accessible at one point during the service but for the entire time, during the singing and even the sermon. This really was accessible for anyone who preferred the more contemplative aspect. The entire set up the service was kind of an interesting combination that I had not experienced as much. It was a combination of a more modern set up of a regular church service but also with a more postmodern aspect for people who related with that more. And I think the combination worked very well.


My experience in this church was very traditional and contemporary all at the same time. We first arrived at this church that was held in a dance studio right in the middle of town and walked into a room that was pretty small with about thirty chairs set-up around the room. Needless to say this was a small church but it lacked nothing of community. The service opened with a couple of songs, but then quickly moved into a time of community where we were encouraged to talk with one another for about five to ten minutes. This was where the church seemed to come alive. It was like we were in a small country town where everyone knew everyone and really cared for those in the community around them. It was great to see everyone talking with one another about their weeks and what had gone on during them. After about five minutes, the pastor got back up and began in on his message. The message seemed pretty simple, but it spoke loudly to the people in the room being that the setting was so intimate. The pastor preached for about twenty minutes and then they ended with the taking of the Eucharist and a song or two of worship. The service itself was pretty simple, but the message that was spoken of that community was powerful. Even though I do not usually enjoy small churches as much, this church would be one I would make the exception for. It was a great church with a real heart for the community around them.


This service was so incredibly simple and friendly. I walked in to have almost everyone in this small Church greet me and make me feel welcome. The singing was simple but incredibly touching and pure. The sermon was powerful. This Church reminded me of the Church I grew up in. The simplicity and the community was fantastic. I felt comfortable the second I walked through the doors.


Ardent church was a great church. The size of the church created a great community affect to it. In fact, the community presence of the church was so great that the pastor was able to remind us to pray for a family in the church as they were traveling home from a dance competition. This sense of community is a beautiful thing for someone to experience, and I believe it helps the growth of the church itself. The church itself was inside a dance studio, but aside from seeing the trophies from the studio when we walked in the door, I wouldn't have had any idea what the building was. They had done a great job creating sacred space for the worshippers. The music was great. It was low key, with the band in the corner instead of being front and center. The preaching itself was awesome too. Because we were such a tiny body of worshippers, the pastor was very communicative with us instead of just saying what he was going to say. The worship stations that were up during the service were great! I love the fact that they didn't send around an offering plate, but instead you were invited to go give what you could from your heart during worship as an act of worship. The small church feel was great! Especially when the kids in the congregation would be walking around and talking with each other. This church was a great church to worship at, and I encourage everyone to go and try it out if you're in the neighborhood!


I got to Ardent church a few minutes late but they were very welcoming. They are meeting in a back room of a dance studio. This is kind of distracting with al the mirrors and different things everywhere. But after awhile it does not seem so bad.

The music team was set off to the right of the front of the room which allowed for those gathered together to focus on the words being sung then on those singing them. They played a guitar and bass along with a small bongo drum. Their music was very theologically influenced along with the other worship opportunities.

Scott's message was very traditional but he seemed to get up and talk to us instead of present himself and preach to us like the traditional service.

During the sermon there were five or so worship stations where one could go and personally worship in a variety of creative ways.
At the end of the service we all partook in the Eucharist together. I found it interesting that no one served us rather the elements where presented and then set on a table for us to come up as we wanted.

Overall I would rate this church at 5 stars


I appreciated the community of the congregation and willing they were to welcome us into it. I can see good things for this church in the future. Their authenticity is amazing and that will take them far.


Having been a part of a church plant for a several years, I was immediately impressed by the pastor and his staff. They are not a large church by any means however, they do care about the people they have gathered to them. The service was on a Sunday night which gives a little different venue for people who are unable to attend church on a Sunday morning for whatever reason. Something else that impressed me with this church was their location. For several years they met in the building of their parent church Kent Church of the Nazarene. Though recently they had the opportunity to move to their own location, they are currently renting a space in a dance studio, somewhere slightly ironic for a Nazarene church to meet. The service itself was good. The band stood off to the side perhaps because there is no room in the front but it also draws the attention away from the band. This takes away the chance of the music portion of the service becoming like a concert instead of a worship experience. This church also had several prayer stations set up around the room that were available throughout the service for people to go. At first it was a little jarring to hear the hammer hitting the nail into the cross, but then it became a pleasant sound of people giving up a part of themselves. This is a church that I hope continues to grow in themselves in front of God.

Freeantilla, why did you give this church only one star, since you seemed to like it?