Amadeo Church

Power Ranch Elementary
4351 S. Ranch House Parkway
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AMADEO church currently serves the homeless, helps run a food and clothes pantry, cares for low income families in our nearby apartments twice a month, helps support people with utilities payments and their mortgages when in need.  Countless individuals in the church give their lives to work with the children of the Kingdom every Sunday and on Wednesdays.  We have supported four other churches not in our own denomination - we help with marriage counseling and are committed to one on one discipleship and discipleship through over 8 home groups - and we are only around 180 people.  We send our members around the world to Africa and Northern Ireland to serve our sister churches, and every summer send kids to serve special needs kids.

We have three pastors, 6 elders, and numerous other lay leaders - and no major decision is made without the advisement of all the elders and pastors.

Anyways, I rate us with three stars because we are a three year old church still trying to mature and grow up.  But I know the hearts of the leadership are 5 stars - they really care about the people in the church and are trying to learn what it means to be good stewards over the people who they are given to care for.

Pastor Ben


Thanks for responding. We appreciate it when pastors show up and "represent"
And thanks for giving yourself 3 stars- Many others who do much less have given themselves 5 stars on this site. Although based on what you say Im sure you are at least a 4 :-)


I am a church planter in the same area as Amadeo Church. I have visited this church on a number of different occasions and I learn something new about what a community of authentic lovers of Jesus and others looks like. These folks are generous, kind, friendly (and not the kind of 'friendly' that can be weird), accepting and authentic. Their lead pastor - Ben - is one of the most humble, courageous, honest and sincere men I have ever met. He serves as a model to me of the kind of openheartedness (is that a word?) I want to display towards other people, other churches and other pastors. Although we wouldn't agree on every point of doctrine, these are not the kind of folks who would separate from me or put a wall between us.

Honestly, if I didn't feel called to start something new, this would be one of the few church communities I would enjoy hanging out in. If you live in Gilbert, Queen Creek, Mesa, Chandler (or anywhere nearby) and are looking for a church that isn't just aiming to be the slickest Sunday service in town -- if you long for a community of people who are learning to love each other and to love God more -- if you are hungry to connect with a church who loves and serves with no strings attached -- you might find Amadeo to be the church for you!

{Oh, so why only 4 stars? Well, if their pastor went with 3, he's underselling it. And I don't know of any 5-star churches (although every leader and pastor I have met at Amadeo has 5-star hearts and dedication! Especially their lead pastor) -- so I'll go with 4.}

This is a 5 star review- I think the bible says somewhere "let another man praise you".

If more Christians were caught in the act of being kind to each other in a similar manner - it could put Church Rater out of business :-)

But- we aren't thinking that's too likely anytime soon