Abundant Life Christian Center (COGIC)

4400 Old Poole Road
North Carolina
Senior Pastor: 
Stenneth E. Powell

Focus in this church is more on the liberal arts side. Music ministry is phenomenal, from the awesome Choir (filled with great solo artist) to skillful creative musicians. On any given Sunday, you'll find a great liturgical dance team. Great interpretations but sometimes tend to go rather long. Preaching is but 10-20 percent of the actual service. Pastor is a great speaker but falls short when he adds too many church antics and cliche to his 30-45 min. sermons. Sunday mourning services and revivals are filled with random guest speakers. Most prove to contradictory in some many different scopes. For example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wspz8zq948Q. Also beware of offering request exceeding $1000 per person to fuel Pastor's personal projects like studios, home in florida, and expensive trips to Mexico to get stem cell knee injection. If you're looking for a good concert or other religious spectacles visit this church. Other than that, you'll leave broke or guilty about feeling monetary inadequate.