Abundant Life Christian Center

306 Morgan Avenue
Senior Pastor: 
Jerry Harper
Other Apostolic
A great place to visit... a better place to call home.

We believe that the church should be the safest place around. We (like everyone else have our weaknesses) but we know a perfect God. If you want a church family that loves without question while supporting your growth in God, this is the church for you.

We're working on a website but for now here is our Facebook page.

I had to give some rating so 4 it was. I believe we're better than average (3) but aren't perfect (5).

God bless


Good rating. Can you give us more details? What is the music like? What are the sermons typically about? And how would you say this church fulfills Christ's commands to serve others...? Thank you for coming by and sharing. I look forward to hearing more from you.