Abundant Life Baptiist

269 Cameron Rd
Senior Pastor: 
George Gasancoky jr
Mark Twain when he wrote: "Christ were alive today, he wouldn't be Christain" miust have thoufght of this church

   The building looks like what eople think a church should look like. The congregation is made up of owners of McMansions. people who "Made it" and think anyone who doesn't deserves to starve.


Didn't Jesus say "Judge not lest ye be judged?" Do you really think it's fair to make these kinds of assumptions about an entire group of people...? How can you honestly say you know what each one is thinking...? At ChurchRater, we prefer to talk about the church experience itself: what was the sermon like? How were you treated as a guest? Help us out with more details about the church and less opinions about its membership.