Abiding Christ Lutheran Church

326 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Rd.
Senior Pastor: 
Craig L. Fourman
A church that takes discipleship seriously.

Fairborn is a community with pronounced  need and great potential.  Abiding Christ is well integrated into it.  They take leadership, working with communtiy and school leaders as well as social agencies to improve the quality of life in the city and reach out to others.  Just completing a 2 million dollar expansion, the building is already being regularly used by schools, citizen groups, and the community.  

Abiding Christ has a vital worship life with energetic lay leadership and a competent staff.  Worship is central; twice on Sunday morning (8:30 and 11 am)  and on Wednesday night around a meal (6 pm), the worship appeals to a diversity of ages and backgrounds.  Its average attendance is 320; its membership 650.  Two pastors and a seminary trained staff assure that Word and Sacrament are the focus of its worship life. ACLC is classicaly Lutheran, focusing on Biblical and Confessional roots as the source of their teaching, preaching and practice.

ACLC is a also full service church.  It celebrates a varied fellowship life; gathering in large and small groups for support and fun.  Education is a central value.  They host GED and ESOL classes that  make inroads in the community among at risk people. They also work with the schools and city to underscore the need for literacy.  ACLC is a "Book of Faith" church, offering regular and varied educaitonal opportunities (long and short term) to in Bible study.   Visitors find authentic welcome when they come as guests.  ACLC is an exciting, welcoming ministry, worth a visit, rewarding to those who stay and become part of a faith family that takes its faith seriously.

ACLC is a good example of a mid-sized program church that does things right, and does the right things for hte right reasons. 


very thorough - thanks

For the denominationally uninitiated would you please explain how someone can be a member without attending the church?

"Its average attendance is 320; its membership 650"

Easy, not everyone comes at the same time.  320 is the average.  Some weeks we have 400. some 200, I don't recall a time when all were there at once someone is always sick, in hospital, or otherwise indisposed, but we require public affimation, recorded attendance and giving to be counted as a 'member'.  We also have some who attend that are not 'members' - they too are counted in the 'average' attendance.  Hope this helps. 

So what is the average number of times a member attends each month 1 time 2 times?

Im sure many people may not understand that committed "members" dont attend that often and wonder what the word "member" means?

Can you shed some light on this widespread tradtion in Christianity?

The problem derives froms a difference in perception.  Membership as defined by the world means "we publically state that we belong."  You pay dues to be a Rotarian or a member of the YMCA.  We, along with most instutions, define membership as those who a) publicly accept the congregation, b) support it financially on record and c) partake of the sacrament of communion at least once a year. 

It seems to me you are confusing membership with discipleship; you are asking a 'level of commitment' question.  I frankly could not ascertain how to measure that.  Once a month, twice a month, every time you worship?  Its not measurable on an institutional scale.  The attendance average is a measure of commitment.  Among mainline protestant churches, about 34% of membership are in worship on any given Sunday.  As you can see we are close to 50. 

Some non mainline churches measure their size ONLY by average attendance, which is probably a greater indicator of commitment where worship attendance is concerned, but in no way measures discipleship form the vantage of service in the community, stewardship of time, talent and treasures, work with the poor, etc, most of which is ifnormed and strengthened by but happens outside of the weekly worship experience.  How do you measure the worship attendance of the faifhful prayer chain worker who is shut in?  Or the executive who is travelling?  Or the person in hospital or ill, or tending a sick family member?  Memerwhip to worship average is one way, not the only way.