7th Day Adventist Hill Church

Mount Vernon
7th Day Adventist
Devoted to bringing people to observe Saturday as the day of worship

This church's  focus is to have people observe Saturday as the day of worship, instead of helping people learn how to have a relationship with Christ. The music is very conservative (hymns) and so is the preaching. The people are friendly at first, until you question the idea of Saturday as the only day of worship, then they become very defensive. My wife and I were asked to leave this church because we had questions like, " Aren't we supposed to rest and worship Christ every day as long as it is called Today." Heb. 4


seems strange that "worship on Saturday" would be any church's only focus... I am definitely not discounting your experience, but are there other things parishoners may be doing outside the church/Saturday worship that could be considered doing the work Jesus asked? In my opinion, sitting in a church is not really doing the work of Jesus--going out into the world/community and selflessly helping the needy is. Does this church perhaps focus on such works, too? Tell us more, if you can...

This church, also as a community center that sells donated clothes and has a food bank provided by the money raised by selling clothes. They provide many services such as healthcare, ect.  Also the focus of this church, as well as the denomination as a whole,  is also on the end times, the anti-christ being the Roman Cathalic Pope, and how the Cathalic church changed the sabbath day of rest to Sunday, from Saturday. They believe that there will come a time when there is a Sunday law that everyone must worship on Sunday and no other day. The joining in fellowship (going to other churches for services or functions) with other denominations, or churches of other faiths is discouraged.   They push the acceptance of the above beliefs for membership.

yikes! the pope is the anti-christ, ay...? sounds pretty far from anything Jesus would say: why does this happen so often? People who claim to follow Jesus say/do things that are so inherently un-Christ-like?

I have been to many different churches of different denominations, and each one wants to put alot of do's and do not's upon u. I read that Jesus says" Come to Me all who are werry and broken hearted  and I will give u rest." To me resting is being able to relax, knowing that God is in control. Not about a alot of " you need to do this or that" to please God.  1 John talks about " No one is able to please God" We show love for God ( who we can't see) by showing love for our brothers "neighbors" (who we can see). Not because we we feel we ought or need to but because we want to. Too many churches want to separtate themselves from one another. Christ is the head and we are ALL apart of the same body. No one is more inportant than another.  There is only one truth and that is Jesus. For all have the Truth inside of us,  but it is the great mystery hidden for many ages, but is being revealed through us ALL, since we all have Christ in us, which is the hope of glory. I no longer attend any church. I look at  the people that I come into contact with as my church. each person has a part of the truth and I want to be able to know the other parts of the body of Christ.

I have struggled to understand my relatives who are Seventh Day Adventists, and I found your comment about the discouragement of attending other churches to be interesting.  I have attended the Adventist church numerous times in past years, but did not join.  When I became a believer in Jesus Christ, it was at another denomination.  My Adventist family members have always insisted that although they believe in Saturday worship, they don't care if others attend on Sunday.  However, they have never accepted an invitation to attend my church or any other church.  I asked them why, but they said it was just "coincidental" that they've always had a prior engagement scheduled.  I found that to be difficult to believe.  We were always very sensitive and accommodating when it came to their Sabbath or food rules.  When I told a family member that I had become a believer, they blurted out that I was "supposed to become an Adventist, not a Christian."  We had little contact at first after I became a Christian, and subsequently have had none.  None of them will respond to a phone call or letter, but I do get tracts and other unmarked pamphlets in the mail from time to time.  I asked everybody I could find where these materials had come from, and as it turns out, they are Adventist publications.  Extended family members have told me since that I've been accused of "discriminating" against them and that they are expecting an apology.  I was excited to come to faith in Jesus Christ, and fully expected that they would share my excitement.  But sadly, it's caused a family rift instead.  I know other Adventists who have remained friendly and our differences don't seem to bother them, but I'm still pretty sure that none of them would attend my church either.  I've attended churches all over the world and never felt threatened.  In fact, I find it amazing to be able to share faith and food and fellowship with people whose language I don't even understand.  I would fight anybody who tried to impose a "Sunday law" on them as vigorously as I would fight a similar restriction placed on me.  If joining the Adventist church is a requirement for contact with them, it's just not going to happen.  Sorry to sound down about this, but it does hurt.  Thank you for listening.

Thank you for your heartfelt contribution to our website. You model dialog perfect: express what you share, what you may not, and the challenges that can bring.

Divisions in faith run rampant... it seems to be a never-ending struggle. I believe that if everyone in the world became a Christian, the differences--like the ones you share here--would continue.

Is this what Jesus wants? I can't imagine so. People want me and other outsiders to become Christians, but why...? So we can then start arguing within the Christian world, help them "prove" that their take on Christianity is right...?

I don't understand, but perhaps you do...?

Dear Bengals11, I just read your review of your experience of attending worship at the Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon. As the pastor of the Hill Church, may I extend my sincere apologies for your experience while visiting our church. I became pastor of the Hill Church eight months ago, and practically three-fourths of my sermons have come from the gospel of Mark, dealing with Jesus’ love and mercy for all of us undeserving sinners. If I may correct just some thing in your review: let me assure you that the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are based upon the rock of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. We are not saved by what day we worship upon, or what our particular beliefs on the end-time are. Our salvation comes only from faithfully accepting Jesus Christ as our personal savior. I regret that either through your visit to our church, or by reading some books from past Adventist authors, you were given a different perception. I would be happy to dialogue with you anytime. Blessings, Pastor Fred Shoemaker

First thank you for your reply. I agree that the SDA church believes salvation comes from accepting Christ as your personal Savior as the foremost focus like many other churches of other denominations as well. What I was pointing out in my rating, was what makes the SDA Hill Church different or simular from other churches or denominations, in their focus AFTER salavtion. 

My family was raised SDA for many generations, but yet only a couple remain in that belief system, so that is where my information came from about the end times and the SDA churches focus after salvation. I also regret my experience at your church. I attended for 2 years and was a new believer, with many questions about what I was reading in the Bible, compared to what I was hearing for the pulpit, and how they differed. The review above is what was talked about from the pastor and also from the Ohio Conference of SDA leaders from the pulpit, and in brodcasts delivered at the church.

I would enjoy talking with you. Thank you again for your reply.

Dear Bengals11, Once again, I am sorry your experience at the Hill Church, many years ago, left such a spiritual wound. Whenever the time is right, please contact me by calling the church: (740) 397 – 3351; please leave a message if I am not there. Jesus is our only hope and the only hope for our fallen and sinful world. Should you ever visit us again, I would pray that you would find a different church then the one that you were asked to leave so many years ago. By the way, how many games will the Bengals win this year? Blessings to you, Pastor Fred Shoemaker

Bengals11: We were saddened to learn of your experience.  As we are relatively new to the Hill church, and not sure when your visit occurred, Fred and I would welcome visiting with you more about this sometime.  We are imperfect beings; only Christ was created perfect.  Perhaps you could give the Hill Church a second chance one day. 

Also note that we are just a small part of a worldwide Christian, bible-based denomination of nearly 16 million.  You can learn more about our denomination at www.adventist.org.

Yours in Christ, Heidi

Heidi and Bengals 11

Although many people will probably not believe this- your exchange - dialog is THE MISSION of the entire team at ChurchRater. While our team do not share similar theological beliefs we do share a human belief.

We Believe...

That when people like each other the rules change

We Believe...

That Dialog trumps debate (every single time)

We Believe...

That I need to stop comparing my best with your worst

We Believe...

That it's better to be kind than right

Thanks for your openheartedness toward each other
Not only will the church be better for it - the world will too