360 (The 360 Church)

NW Corner of MacIntost and Ashton Roads
Senior Pastor: 
Steve McCoy
Exciting worship in a casual environment with a focus on living out your faith in practical ways.

The 360 Church is more concerned with living out the Christian faith than arguing over the minute details of faith.  Worship is "contemporary" (band, casual setting, video projection), the environment comfortable ("Starbucks feel", refreshments before/during/after the service, "come as you are" dress) and the congregation varied (strong presence of youth and young aduls as well as a healthy number of people 40-60 and 60+).  Worship attendance has been rising steadily and now it is common to have 120-140 on Sunday mornings.  Outreach takes place in our community (free car wash, thank you notes to first responders, collecting clothes for families in need, feeding families at a local elementary school, etc.) and around the world (the church owns a children's home in Belize, has sent eye glasses to Africa, has sent thousands of shoes to Central America, sends groups on mission trips, etc.).  @ Groups (the church's version of small groups) are important and over 60 people are signed up for the next round of @ groups.  Servant events (servant evangelism) is very important in the life of the church with one or more events held each month.  The pastor, Steve McCoy, is down to earth, a good teacher of the Bible and skilled at drawing the connections between faith and life.  Opportunites for hands-on service take place throughout the month as well as before, during and after the worship experience on Sunday mornings.


one of the finest ratings I have ever read on our site (and I don't mean the stars given; I mean the content and eloquence of the rating itself).

thank you for coming by. would you like to attend other churches in your area and share details...? there are many people whow would likely be interested. thanks again.