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Oct 17 2010 - 11:04pm
It’s two am and I open my email to find the word “REPENT” in all capital letters in the body of the first message I open. Not only am I told to repent, I’m also told I’m going to hell. This is the third time in a week I’ve been threatened with eternal damnation via email. Emails from the occasional backwards Christian kook are entertaining, as well as depressing: some members of the Christian faith are truly ridiculous.

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 It's 9:00 p.m. on February 14 and I'm sitting in a pew at the Duke University Chapel with my laptop open. Even though it's Valentine's Day, to my surprise the chapel is half full. Either these students are exceptionally devout or everyone came to Mass because they couldn't find dates. Either way, I'm impressed by the piety of these Blue Devils.

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Brad please tell us about your work on Churchrater. You've posted an advertisement, but why do you think your church gets a 5 star rating? Tell us the unique things about your church. Is there...
What are some of the ministries Immaculate Heart of Mary does that you find so helpful? If you have almost a 100, I'd love to hear about some of them, it would be cool if you could share one or two...
 Sounds like a pretty amazing church! But as a moderator I'm a little skeptical when I see raving reviews like this. Either the church really is that good or a pastor or a staff person has come...
I'm interested in your becoming Catholic OurLady, was there something about his parish that interested you about the Catholic faith? As a Roman Catholic myself I'd love to hear about your choice to...
"Solid bible teaching" is a pregnant term. Do you mean the preacher is really good at expository preaching? Do you simply mean that you teach a conservative theological viewpoint? Or do you...