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Oct 17 2010 - 11:04pm
It’s two am and I open my email to find the word “REPENT” in all capital letters in the body of the first message I open. Not only am I told to repent, I’m also told I’m going to hell. This is the third time in a week I’ve been threatened with eternal damnation via email. Emails from the occasional backwards Christian kook are entertaining, as well as depressing: some members of the Christian faith are truly ridiculous.

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 It's 9:00 p.m. on February 14 and I'm sitting in a pew at the Duke University Chapel with my laptop open. Even though it's Valentine's Day, to my surprise the chapel is half full. Either these students are exceptionally devout or everyone came to Mass because they couldn't find dates. Either way, I'm impressed by the piety of these Blue Devils.

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Thanks for the honesty masterpastor! I often see people come on churchrater and try to convince me that they have the greatest church in the world. So I do appreciate when you say, "the Fort is...
What can your church work on Saved by Grace? Your church sounds great from your review but I'm worried it still doesn't give an outsider a semi-objective perspective. Young prudent people on the...
Oh no, the pastor gives his own church five stars? You get serious points from me for being honest about being the pastor. Pastors do come on CR sometimes and rate their Church, then they hide behind...
Thank you pvenerable, I'm a Catholic and I also like going to Mass where ever I am. But part of the mission of churchrater is help others gain information about each individual parish or church. So...
I wouldn't worry about Rob starting a fight, he is really a nice guy. I think he is really just curious about what you are getting at. The moderators on Churchrater work hard to stamp out fighting...