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West Seattle Church of the Nazarene was a thing of beauty for me to see. The small, very limited church reminded me of being back home in my church. The church’s building is beautiful, but needs some renovation. However, due to the church’s mission, I don’t believe that will happen any time soon. The church is about serving the community, especially the homeless and down and out. I think this is a thing that modernity has, for the most part, overlooked. The basement of the church is used to provide shelter for the homeless.
I didn’t actually attend Seattle Aurora Church of the Nazarene. However, I was able to sit down and talk to the pastor of the church and hear his heart for the ministry and mission of the church. The pastor was very welcoming of our group and was very encouraging toward us to ask questions. He truly has a passion for ministry and for the people of his church. He is about making a difference in his community through the people of his church. The church building itself is a big one. I’m from a very small church, and find it hard to adapt to big churches because of the loss of community.
Capitol Hill Church of the Undignified was a sweet church. Above all, I appreciate the ministry and mission of the church. I didn’t actually attend the church service, but we sat down and talked to Benji, his wife, and another guy who I don’t remember what his name was. The fact that the church building is given used as a free art studio in the day demonstrates the heart of this church and the leadership of the church. The interior design was very Seattle-ish.

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The service at Saint Mark’s was a beautiful one. I love attending Catholic churches because of the rich liturgy of the Church. When we came into the church building itself, I was shocked at the...
Ardent church was a great church. The size of the church created a great community affect to it. In fact, the community presence of the church was so great that the pastor was able to remind us to...
I was very surprised at how well I liked Mars Hill Church. We went to the King’s high school campus. We walked in the door and immediately, I felt like I was comfortable in the church. The...
I thought this church was a great church to visit. It was something that I was not used to in my modern evangelical view of church. When I entered the building, the environment was warm and...