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 Established in the 80s in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore, New Song has been a major part of many community development initiatives in their neighborhood, such as a medical clinic and Habitat for Humanity. The church is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural in its worship, and reformed in its theology. Also, the first Sunday of every month includes a big meal.
Agape Mission Church has many college-campus-ministries in the area, which it uses as its prime form of recruiting. Sundays feature a charismatic worship style. Intentionally strong community is formed in small groups, where I found trained leaders to exercise a great amount of authority over participants. Both myself and my friends had painful experiences with this church: some found it nearly impossible to leave, others believed themselves to be intentionally excluded from the community after awhile.

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This is, generally speaking, the difference between someone who attends the church currently (I'm guessing that's estelle) and someone who used to (pretty much the majority of the comments...