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In April 2004, my sweetheart and I traveled from Los Angeles to Quartzsite, Arizona to be married, and obtained a marriage certificate from a county clerk, but the judge with whom we'd scheduled an appointment left early.  Since my sweetheart had an appointment in immigration court, we were eager to be married without undue delay.  With the help of a kind and unforgettable bookstore proprietor named Paul Winer, we were able to contact Fr.

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How sad.  I wonder if you remember any of the lyrics of the offertory song.  Maybe someone on ChurchRater would recognize the song and could help come up with the rest of it. I went to...
I wonder if your church might have an interest in geology related to Noah's Flood as discussed by groups like the Institute for Creation Research.  Since your church and town both include the...
From the Crosswinds Web site: "Reach - The ministry of the Evangelist. Our first priority is to reach the lost with the good news of God's plan of salvation and life giving truth...
Some other Web sites contain information regarding Bolivar Baptist Church's response to moral and legal issues that may lead some to question whether Pastor Dickie Amyx is "absolutely inspired...
Here's some info I found online: A New Day Awakening Church 102 S. Gen Bruce Dr.   (By old Albertson's) Temple, TX 76502 (512) 850-1408 Served by Bishop Mike and Pastor Tina Rutledge...