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In April 2004, my sweetheart and I traveled from Los Angeles to Quartzsite, Arizona to be married, and obtained a marriage certificate from a county clerk, but the judge with whom we'd scheduled an appointment left early.  Since my sweetheart had an appointment in immigration court, we were eager to be married without undue delay.  With the help of a kind and unforgettable bookstore proprietor named Paul Winer, we were able to contact Fr.

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Is anyone else from your church reading your writings on ChurchRater, so far as you know?
What might be some questions that you think would be helpful for newcomers to ask should they visit this church?
I like the church's name.  Quite poetic.  Much better than "Vulture of the Desert," don't you think?  :-)  When the pastor emphasizes his message with a song, does that...
What seem to be the biggest subjects debated within Unitarian Universalist circles in recent years?  You mention that in some churches "everyone agrees about...issues" such as "...
Here is how the church's Statement of Faith begins: 1. We believe in the Scripture of the Old and New Testaments as being the verbally inspired Word of God, completely inerrant in the original...