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Thanks, Merle. I get having a FB page; gotta figure that if Jesus were walking the Earth now, he'd have one, too. (Think I'll compose an essay on that: WWJFB?) But I don't get why so many...
Re: very friendly, Gospel based Doreen: a lovely rating. Can you tell me what was in the visitor's package? I am intrigued. Also, it sounds like you know your church(es) rather well (e.g., calling...
Re: A Place Where You Can Be You 5 stars for your own church. I don't have anything to say, but I know of someone who does/did: "Whoever humbles the greatest in the kingdom of...
Re: Transition of Leadership Wonderful job, Brian1. You are exactly the kind of person this site needs. Realizing something that may not fit you but could fit others captures the spirit of dialog......
Hello anonymous, ChurchRater is not a place for attacking others, no matter how they might have treated us. After all, Jesus' command was not "do unto others as they HAVE DONE to do"...