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Going to Seattle University has many gems around the neighborhood, from the best coffee, broadway, or capital hill. But as an Alaskan sometimes the city life was overwhelming. The only refuge I found living in the big city however was The Chapel of St. Ignatius. I would often slip into the Chapel in-between classes and pray, sometimes read, and most of relax. The beauty of the chapel became my refuge and for 4 years you could find me in the last row of the chapel.

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Thank you for your review Brad!
Hey Rob, as an Alaskan myself, I'm guessing it's because Montana still has a few glaciers. Thank you RiverSmith for sharing your experience.
Hey Mike, Jim is a very curious person and the written word is a tool that can't always convey tone. Maybe the word "thing" was in bad taste but it was more a colloquial description than a definition...
Hey hmiller, I'd actually be really interested in why you gave your church a five star rating? What experiences led you to that rating? The community? The spiritual growth you've experienced? I'd...
"Looking to make a difference in Waseca and the world for Jesus Christ." What do you mean by that mrclm? Do you guys run a soup kitchen? Are you helping in after school tutoring at local middle...