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The whole multi-campus deal is something that I think could possibly work but doesn't or hasn't so far in Mars Hill's case... but I'll get to that later. Specifically shoreline wasn't all that friendly... I was only greeted by the person who "had to" and I was there before and after the service. The music was the one part of the whole experience that was really great, very worshipful but professional at the same time... a strange balance struck but they did it. I didn't know most of the songs... all but one hymn, that's because the worship band is a real band...
I gave Church of the apostles (COTA as they call it) a four for preaching not because there wasn't really a "sermon", which I loved (it was a Saturday night service for lent). I gave a four because the Scripture they read came from a printed page not a Bible. In a church with such rich liturgy I'd think a Bible would be essential for the reading of the Word. Other than that it was the most meaningful and refreshing church experience I have had in quite a while. Thank you COTA. If you have a chance go.

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The compline service, as I found out later, means prayers before bed. For what it was meant to be I give it an enthusiastic 5! The service was very quiet with a choir doing chants and some songs...
Aside from the preaching being a little more topical than I like (4th sermon in the series type thing) Ardent really impressed me. From what I saw there were only about 5 of the maybe 15 people...