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In Pasadena for classes at Fuller Seminary; I am from Hawaii, my friend from London. We actually set out for another church, got lost, and stumbled into Mosaic. The signage was simple but adequate; a single greeter was polite but not effusive. We entered and found a seat on our own in a concert venue setting. Great tech gear. There was a DJ on stage mixing music with sound bites from McManus while some announcement slides cycled on 3 huge screens.
I pastor the greatest people on the planet! It is a church full of the demographic we are told can not be reached: twenty-something singles primarily. They absolutely rock, and they keep me young. Great hearts, passion, using their gifts to bless others, contemporary (hold the cheese, please) and relevant without trendiness or show-biz. These folks are the real deal, without any plastic sainthood and pious religiosity.

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Hey Kahu Gary! not one person spoke to us, greeted us, asked if we were from the area... and we simply walked away. This always makes me wonder?????? Why do you think their is this dis-connect? I...