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I dont know how they afford the real estate but with a view like this I dont know how this church cant grow! Full Disclosure: my daughter took us to church this morning to check out The River while we were visiting with her in New York City. I've planted a couple of churches including a Vineyard and I have a alot of history with this movement. Bottom Line: The River exceeded my expectations on all counts

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Benjamin You should be a professional Church Reviewer. You have history and cultural experience. You are fair and funny and you don't compare your best with their worst . I really like what...
Thanks for giving us a real snapshot of your church. More churches that are small in size but have a big footprint in the community will be encouraged by your leadership.
I thought it might be timely to remind all of you Christians who are "working out your stuff" here that Matt Casper is an Atheist which I thought  you might find mildly amusing or...
Mary  Outstanding review I find it interesting that young hip churches still don't know how to "say hi" or "notice" people.